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Ten Things I Love & Hate

I love reading posts where you can learn a little more about someone! I was tagged by Lana of Two Teens and Their Mama to share 10 Things I Love & 10 Things I Hate/Dislike and without further ado, here's my list!

All of my family living close by

Watching my daughters swim meets, performances...

Sitting on the porch watching a storm 

A mile long swim 


Finding a great deal

My husband's homemade pizza

Diet Pepsi fountain drinks


Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies

Cleaning the kitchen


Arriving on time and having to wait

Poor customer service

Grocery shopping

People who are intentionally mean


Being cold

Victoria's Secret PINK Store

Roller coasters

What do you love and hate/dislike? I tag anyone who hasn't joined in yet!

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  1. We're very similar! I am terrified of roller coasters, all through life people have tried to get me to ride them and 'get over it' and I've tried, but still hate them!



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