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Small Beauty Tips to Keep You Looking Great

Do you remember the days when we couldn't wait to get the latest issue of Vogue or our favorite magazine to find the latest beauty tips to help ourselves look and feel great? We all like to feel that little boost and walk out of the house feeling like we can take on the world, looking absolutely fabulous at the same time. It seems like now I spend less time flipping through a magazine as all the information you could want is now readily available online. But, there are some simple tips that we often forget about but should all embrace!

Carry a bottle of water… everywhere
Carrying a bottle of water is at the top of my list. You can put all of the other skincare advice by the wayside, but make sure that you drink enough water. Not only will it help to keep your skin glowing and acne-free, but it also helps to maintain its elasticity, which helps to keep that youthful skin for a little bit longer. If this hasn’t convinced you, then just think about the plethora of health benefits that water brings with it. Carry a bottle of water with you, wherever you are!

Don’t wash your hair too much
We have a culture where we should be washing our hair every day. While some people feel uncomfortable skipping a day between hair washes, you could actually greatly benefit from doing so. The reason that your hair requires so much washing in the first place is that you’re washing out those oils in your hair that are there for a reason. With modern alternatives like dry shampoo, there are many options out there instead of washing every day. And we’ve all watched enough plastic surgery videos to know that this simple beauty tip is as easy as they come.

Sleep well
While we all love getting in as much shut-eye as possible, some of us struggle to actually do so. Whether this is because you just can’t switch your brain off or because you’d rather work (or play) than sleep, we should do our best to get in as many hours as we can. Not only will this generally help you feel more refreshed, but more sleep means that you have fewer breakouts, brighter eyes, and a more even skin tone. Overall, you will just look (and feel) better, so get your zzz's!

These small tips are easy ways to keep yourself looking and feeling great. What small tips do you have that work for you?

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