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Tips on How to Enjoy Your Move

I think we can all agree that whether you are moving locally or to another state, moving is stressful. There's a lot of little details in the process of moving homes. Packing and unpacking, determining where everything will go in your new space, and planning any home improvements can disrupt our daily routine. Is it possible to enjoy the moving process? Even with the best moving company, it can be taxing, but how you approach it makes all the difference.

Make A Game Of It

Create a playlist or listen to a new podcast while you’re busy packing, unpacking, or deep cleaning. Reward yourself with dinner out for getting so many boxes packed or unpacked. If you have children, get them involved by making it a game and reward them for completing small assignments.

Plan It Out

Make a daily schedule of tasks, add deadlines, and include dates for when specific things will take place. For example, create a packing schedule so you can chip away at it little by little. Plan to have utilities such as the internet disconnected the day of your move. Pencil in making time to say goodbye to neighbors the weekends leading up to your departure. Planning ahead of time will help everything go smoothly.

Give Yourself Time

If you are moving out of state, why not take a few days to get to your final destination and stop along the way to visit local attractions. That can make the road trip more enjoyable. If you're moving locally, sometimes it's helpful to have space between when you vacate your old home and move into the new. A one or two week period where you can slowly move into your new home and still use your old one can make a huge difference in your stress level.

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