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Lost Your Sparkle? Simple Tips to Get it Back!

It happens to all of us. We get caught up in life, work, learning, and family commitments and slowly lose time for ourselves. It can add up fast, and eventually, we don’t feel as sparkly as we once did. Here are a few tips to get your sparkle back.


Our brains are happier when they are put to use. And, learning a new hobby is a big thumbs up on that front. Your mind needs to be flexed and used to help ward off boredom and stress. Need ideas? Here are a few to try.

  • Yoga is ideal for destressing. Focusing on the movement and being in the moment can do wonders for how you feel. Slowing down, engaging your core muscles, and having time for yourself is really important.

  • Writing has long been used as a way to process feelings and ideas. You might choose to create a blog to share your life, opinions, or recipes. Journaling allows you to write down your thoughts and experiences and can help you identify future goals.

  • Do you like to play around with technology? If you want to see what the true capabilities of your tech items are, then TroyPoint DIY projects are going to be for you. 
  • Photography is a great way to begin exploring your creative eye. It not only inspires your imagination but allows you to document and share your journey through life.


People benefit from routine, and there's something to be said for having structure. It anchors us, reduces stress, and helps cultivate positive daily habits. Break out of your routine once in a while to give it some space to plan fun activities or block out time for yourself.


When we are not feeling our best, it can be easy to let everything slide and quickly can become a cycle. Take time for self-care and pamper yourself to reduce stress, energize your body, and refresh your mind. Lowering stress levels can often have the added bonus of us feeling peppier and ready to tackle anything. Hobbies and self-care are linked to happiness levels, so ensuring you have those built into your week will have you sparkling and beaming in no time at all.

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