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Tips to Achieve Your Financial Goals This Year

We just kicked off 2020, and if you're like most people at the beginning of the new year, you've probably started working on your new year resolutions. From living a healthier lifestyle to spending more time on your hobbies, we all have goals we want to focus on. If one of your goals is related to improving your finances, here a few tips to get started.

#1: Reduce your household expenses

Slash your grocery bills, take advantage of price comparison services to reduce your insurance, and cancel any subscriptions for services you are not using like magazines, cable channels, or mobile apps.

#2: Claim any money owed to you

Did you move and possibly have a tax refund that never made it to your new mailbox, a security deposit not refunded, or an uncashed dividend? You can do a free search on missing money websites that feature collective records for all state held unclaimed property. And if you have ever been injured in an accident, you could be owed compensation, so find personal injury lawyers committed to your success and work with them to find out if your claim is valid.

#3: Take control of your debts

If your goal is to eliminate your debt, start by freezing your cards. Increase your monthly payment if you are only paying the minimum or make more noticeable progress by paying a more significant amount to just one of your accounts each month to while making the minimum payment on your other accounts. There are many resources for dealing with your debts including credit counseling services that will help you to consolidate your debts into one monthly payment.

#4: Increase your income

Do you have extra time on your hands? If so, consider a side-hustle. Not only do side hustles allow you to pursue your interests and passions, they are a great way to give your regular income a boost!

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