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A Guide To Planning The Holidays (In Summer)

It may sound crazy to start thinking about Christmas in the summer, but trust me, it's essential! It can be such an overwhelming time in terms of energy, time, and money, so thinking ahead and planning months in advance can reduce stress and let you enjoy the holidays. 

Set a Budget 

The holidays are an exciting time of year, but it all adds up fast. To stop yourself from overspending, set a budget for yourself. Several different websites can help you decide what your budget should be.

Start Saving 

Consider factoring in some savings in the months before the holidays. It could be buying one less coffee a week and slipping that money into a jar, to a comprehensive saving plan that will help you save a set amount of money each month. There are even apps that will help you save without you even noticing! 

Planning Makes Perfect 

Plan ahead and start writing to-do lists, gift lists, shopping lists, key dates, and menus in one place, like a notebook or planner. That way you'll have the list to refer to the next year. It's also a great excuse to buy a cute, holiday-friendly notebook.

Buy Gifts Year-Round

One of the most rewarding and stressful parts of prepping for the holidays is buying gifts. There's nothing better than seeing the lock on someone's face when you hand them the perfect present, but the moments leading up to that can be stressful. To get ahead of the game, start buying gifts throughout the year. If you see something that a loved one would like, pick it up and make a note of it, so you don't forget. 

Don't Forget Your Colleagues 

If you work for a company that exchanges gifts, make sure to draw up a list of people and build them into your master gifting list. If you're giving gifts on behalf of a company, bulk buying presents for your staff can be a great way to get a handle on the festivities and help with budgeting. 

Plan the Perfect Holiday Card

Think about your holiday card list in advance. A great way to create your list, and to make sure you don't miss anyone, is to save the return address labels and log them into an excel spreadsheet for the next year. 

Meal Planning

Meal planning is essential to the festivities and also an incredibly stressful part of the process. Make a list of the meals you will serve, the ingredients you will need, and any added extras in advance. If you use a fresh food delivery service, book it as early as you can.

Hopefully, this guide will help you keep on top of preparations, and more importantly, keep your sanity during the holidays!

As always, thank you for reading! Stay healthy and safe!

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