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How to Make Basic Outfits Amazing

Basic outfits are a wardrobe staple, but you don’t have to be content with lackluster style. When you wear them the right way, basic outfits can create an iconic look, so make the most of your wardrobe and put it to good use. For inventive ways to elevate your style, check out these top tips to make basic outfits look amazing…

Wear Great Shoes

The right shoes complete an outfit and can turn it from casual daywear into glam nightwear. Whether you’re pairing chunky trainers with a summer midi dress, knee-high boots over jeans, or summer sandals with shorts, your shoes are an integral element of your style. If you want a basic outfit to look thoughtfully put together, always wear fabulous shoes. 

Change the Silhouette

If you have a minimalist wardrobe, changing the way you wear garments will give you more options to work with. When you modify the silhouette of an outfit, it creates a whole new look and turns something basic into something special. Throwing a jacket over a dress, knotting the bottom of a shirt, adding hats and headwear are all easy ways to completely change the emphasis of an outfit. 

Always Accessorize 

When you add accessories to your look, you create instant style. No matter how simple the garments are, the right accessories can make it stylish and on-trend. From a waist-cinching belt or a chunky watch to a Baltic amber necklace or custom ring, there are endless ways to elevate your style. What’s more, accessories give you an easy way to inject your personality into your signature looks. Choose aesthetics, textures, and colors you love to turn a basic outfit into something memorable. 

Quality Over Quantity

If you favor basics, you’re well on your way to becoming a style icon. Having a wardrobe full of simple garments allows you to create custom outfits that are perfectly suited to your taste. In addition to this, cultivating a capsule wardrobe will enable you to focus on quality rather than quantity. 
Basics can always look great, but choosing high-quality garments should increase their lifespan and ensure a better fit. Remember – a high price doesn’t always guarantee top quality, so don’t assume that clothes will be better simply because they cost more. Instead, examine the material, the cut, and the finish to determine which pieces will serve you best. 

Use Color

Perhaps you’ve found a couple of colors that work for you, and you’re hesitant about deviating from the norm, or maybe you keep to black, grey, and white so that your pieces complement each other? Whatever the reason, eschewing color limits your clothing choices and can get you stuck in a rut. Instead, explore the entire palette and find the colors, shades, and hues that work best for you. 

Turning Basics into Something Special

Well-cut basics should be essential in everyone’s wardrobe. They’re often overlooked or deemed unimportant, but it’s these elements of your outfit that can elevate it. With the right mix of basics, accessories, and style, you can rock any look.

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