Do you have a wardrobe of mostly neutrals? Here are six ways to add color to your neutral wardrobe and make your outfits stand out.


Earrings are a great way to add color to your neutral outfit. My red statement earrings pop against the all-white outfit.

A patterned scarf around your neck instantly adds more polish and interest to a plain outfit. It's a chic way to add subtle color to your neutral wardrobe.


A great way to break up a monochrome outfit is with a pair of brightly colored shoes. My blue loafers accentuate this tonal look and steal the show.


Hats are a fun accessory to top off a basic neutral outfit and add a pop of color. Look for a fresh spring color to contrast against your neutral base and make your plain outfit more interesting.


Another way to add color to your neutral wardrobe is to follow the 3rd piece rule and add a colorful topper as a completer piece.


Handbags are an easy way to add interest to your look when it lacks color to make a boring outfit look cute.


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