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DIY Mason Jar Patio Lights

Memorial Day is the official kick off to summer and my favorite thing to do is sit on the patio and relax with my family and friends.  In past years, I have always used small lanterns for lighting, but then I found the idea for mason jar lighting here.

I had extra mason jars left over from my Mardi Gras birthday party earlier this year. Target had their mini solar lights on sale a few weeks ago for $1 each and I picked up a few bags of glass gems from Hobby Lobby. For reference, I used 16 oz mason jars and 1 bag of glass gems per jar.

~ Project Supplies ~

~ Instructions ~

Remove the stake from the solar light. Unscrew the top cap where the light is housed and turn the light on by removing the strip, then replace the cap.

Insert the light face down in the mason jar.

Fill the mason jar with the glass gems. 

Replace the lid on the jar and your done!  

Let them sit in the sun with the light side up for the day and they will be glowing all night.  

My favorite thing about these lights is that you can move them around and use them anywhere outside.  On the patio table, along a seating wall or walkway. You can also use a heavy duty, flexible wire and hooks to hang them from tree branches!

There you have it! This project costs less than $15 to make and I get so many compliments on it! I hope this will inspire you to try it for your backyard or patio!

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  1. What a great idea - and so easy i think even I could do it! Pinning this to try myself. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh my stars this is amazing! We were just putting together our deck furniture tonight and it is so dark at our house! We need some fun lighting and this is perfect!! Thanks! Susan

    1. It's something fun you and your daughter can do in a few minutes!

  3. Wow!! This is a fantastic idea. I recently got some mason jars from goodwill for DIY project, that never happened, but this is something I can do with things at home. Thank you for this fab idea.

  4. Super cute! I have a couple of the solar lids for mason jars, but this is cute and cheap! Great idea!

  5. Wow these turned out so neat! Thanks for a great DIY!

  6. This is really cool! I'm pinning this so I can try it!


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