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August & September Budget Recap

One of my favorite things about fall is the fashion; I usually don't purchase many things in the summer months so that I can add new things to my wardrobe in the fall. My wishlist is always long so I try to clean out my closet beforehand to see what I really need. The graphic tee and sweatshirt trend is still going strong into fall and there are so many cute options to choose from at affordable price points. Track pants were another trend that I kept seeing on other fashion bloggers. I wear jeans almost every day and thought these would be a nice change and something that I could dress up or down. The striped tee was unique with with the mixed textures and was something that would span all seasons. Finally, a fall sweater is always in order and the dark floral prints are a nice change from the brights this summer.

August Purchases
J'Adore Tee /Halogen Floral Print Sweater (sold out) / Holy Chic Tee /
Skies Are Blue Mixed Media Tee / Oui Mon Cheri Sweatshirt (sold out)/ Bobeau Track Pants (sold out)

My August budget was $50. Here's the breakdown of dollars spent: 
  • J'Adore tee, Holy Chic tee and mixed Media tee $66.84. Using promotional codes and Gap rewards my total for all three came to $13.11.
  • Oui Mon Cheri shirt $16.43.
  • Bobeau track pants $28.80.
  • Floral sweater $57.90. Using a Nordstrom Note my total came to $37.90
Total spent in August $96.24. $46.24 over budget.

Onward to September. I'm loving the plaid trend and I feel like plaid is something that is timeless. I added two scarves, a buttondown and a shirtdress to my wardrobe. The orange top has a jacquard texture that makes it unique. I'll be wearing it this winter with a buttondown underneath or a sweater on top. Speaking of sweaters, the grey sweater is a good basic and I already have envisioned styling it with the shirtdress to create a different look. If you follow my blog, you know I keep my maxi skirts in rotation year round and this pleated black maxi was another basic I know I will wear all of the time.

September Purchases
Gray Sweater / Buffalo Plaid Shirt / Orange Top
Black Maxi Skirt/ Plaid Infinity Scarf (sold out) / Plaid Scarf / Plaid Dress

My September budget was $100. Here's were my dollars went:
  • Gray sweater, orange top, plaid button down, two scarves and maxi skirt $132.05. Using promotional codes and Gap rewards, my total for all six pieces was $37.59.
  • Shirtdress (with 50% off promo code) $39.75.

    Total spent in September $77.34. I was $22.66 under budget.

    I was over for August and under for September. It almost balanced out but I'm going to set my budget lower next month to get back on track. Plus, I think I'm all set for the season.

    Do you stick to your shopping budget?

     Thanks for reading today!

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    1. Wow you did good on both months. And that gap promo was awesome.


    2. I love that you plan a budget and really think about what pieces are the most versatile. I have been trying to do the same and I am finding that I actually wear the things I am buying rather than making random purchases and then I have nothing to go with them, so they hang in my closet. Thanks for sharing that.

    3. You did so well with both months, I always try to budget and then it goes out the door once I'm in a store and I'm not very good a keeping track. I always say I need too and this gave me inspiration! Have a great weekend Jill:)
      Marta, xo

    4. I LOVE budget recaps....like LOVE them. I was destined to be an accountant! I usually buy nothing and then get to a day like today whre I go NUTS. I jsut spend 400 euro (so like 550 bucks on glasses!! A store was going out of business and had everything super cheap. Ugh, I'm going to regret this in November and December, but for now I'll just enjoy my new glasses!

      Really looking forward to more budget recaps, it is always interesting to see how other people spend their money, and if I do say so you really know how to stretch a stylish dollar.

      Angie from reasons to dress

    5. And you tell me that I find fabulous deal: girl so do you especially getting all those 3 graphic tops for under 15 bucks. I want and love everything you got especially the 3 graphic tees, the plaid pieces and the black joggers. =) Great purchased. Cannot wait to see you style them all.

      If you wear any pink between now and Oct 31st come link up with me. See the details on my post, today. Thanks.

      Enjoy the weekend. =))

    6. This is a really great post. I think maybe I may do something similar ! Thanks for the inspiration!

    7. I love these posts! They remind me to be more disciplined with my spending. Thanks for sharing.


    8. It's so fun to see your budget recaps! Love seeing what you got and what thought process went into it. You're really inspiring with your attention to detail! I do keep a budget too and am pretty good about staying in it (because I really have no choice!) but I've never broken down my expenses into a list like this after the fact. I need to try it sometime!
      Gina - On the Daily Express

    9. You are such a good budgeter! I can believe that you got your Holy Chic tee for that much of a discount!!!!! I need to go shopping with you!

    10. can I have all of your purchases? haha I love your picks so much! great job keeping on budget!

    11. What great finds! I love the floral sweater!

    12. Great minds ! I got the Holy Chic top and a floral sweater this month!! We should do a collaboration on how we style them! Let me know if you would like to do so! Susan

    13. I love that Mon Cheri sweatshirt. So mad it's sold out!

    14. Loving your purchases! I need to start budgeting too! Happy Friday!

      <3 Shannon

    15. I love the plaid pieces that you picked up. And so smart of you to save the majority of your money for fall--I find that I buy more things this season than any other.

      Another Beautiful Thing

    16. Great finds! Can't wait to see you in them.

    17. You did really good on each of these months, you got a lot for what you spent. I really need some graphic tees! I am def. set on plaid, tho!

    18. Those are really lovely pieces.
      Love the statement tees
      and that red plaid shirt
      and scarves ♥


    19. absolutely stunning!

      i love this :).

    20. I need to start doing this!! I spend way too much!! Love your scarf purchases! And I might have to invest in some buffalo check!! :)

    21. Typically I am pretty good, but there are months where I definitely splurge! This was one of those months! Thankfully the months I am under budget balance out the months I am not! Love that plaid dress you got!

    22. Such a nice post, I love it!!
      Guys, do you know Rosegal Brand or have ever bought there? Check out my blog and discover the surprise I have for you!

    23. I love your purchases! I need to stay on budget more often!

    24. I NEED to get on a fashion budget... problem is: in Canada we don't get nearly as good of deals... so it's so hard ;)
      I'm super impressed with your finds though!

    25. JIll- I REALLY need to start budgeting more...thanks for the ideas! And I'm so jealous you got ALL those cute tee's for $13??? Wow! Also love the plaid Loft shirt dress. SO CUTE

    26. Or you could stretch you budget even further by shopping at Plato's Closet or any consignments near you. Just saying.! ♥ Thanks for posting two posts on our Fashion ITEM Friday! Great!!!

    27. It looks like you got a lot of great stuff for your money!


    I appreciate your comments and they make my day! Thank you so much for reading!