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Oktoberfest Themed Birthday Party

My husband's birthday is December 23rd and since I've known him, he has said he was always jipped as a child because his birthday was so close to Christmas.  Even as adults, it has been impossible to plan anything during the holidays let alone two days before Christmas. He is turning the big 50 this year and our daughter and I thought, why not have a party early and make it a surprise. Let me say that planning a surprise party for an adult is not easy, let alone having a party at your house when you can't decorate or do any prep work in advance. But guys, we pulled it off!

Oktoberfest Themed Birthday Party

We wanted an Oktoberfest theme and we planned a road rally and beer tasting. It was a big birthday to celebrate but I know that my husband would prefer not to have a big crowd so I limited the guest list to immediate family and a few close friends. I'm so lucky my Mom lives within walking distance to our house so we had everyone gather there first so we would be able to surprise him.

Road Rally Activity

Have you ever done a road rally? We put everyone in groups of 4 - 6. They had to decipher clues that lead them to ten destinations around the neighborhood where they got points for getting there first, second, etc. I put together clues and they had to unscramble words and answer Oktoberfest trivia. The answers lead them to the spot where they had to find the points cards. The team that had the most points when they finished, won a prize. I got everyone Jimmy Johns and Starbucks gift cards for the prizes.

While everyone was out on the road rally, we had just over an hour and a half to decorate and get the food ready. Luckily, my Mom, sister, and a few friends stayed behind to help us. I don't know how I thought M and I could get everything done by ourselves! We got a few of the Oktoberfest decorations from the party store and I found the Hoppy Birthday banner and printable's on Etsy. Target had the orange galvanized buckets in the clearance section that we used for the beer.

German Themed Buffet Dinner

When everyone was back from the Road Rally, we served a German-themed dinner, buffet style.

German Themed Menu

Bratwurst Sliders
Cabbage and Apples
German Macaroni and Cheese
Assorted Sausages, Cheese and Mustards
Soft Pretzels
Chocolate Chip Bars
Birthday Cake

I had custom pilsner glasses made for the beer tasting. These were also the party favor to take home. My friend Lynn designed the logo and which was also used on the cake and the road rally cards.

My sister-in-law makes all of our birthday cakes. She did an amazing job on this German chocolate cake with the logo in fondant on the top.

I'm so happy we were able to pull off a super fun party for the Hubs! 

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  1. That;s amazing you guys did a great job, and the food look soooo good. I bet he loved it.


  2. Super Cute! Now that's my kind of party:) Love it!


  3. What a great idea, looks like you all had an amazing time!! I never heard of a road rally before, that's so fun. You and your daughter did such a good job.
    Marta, xo

  4. Jill this is AMAZING! I can't believe all the planning and that you pulled it off. Well done! The decorations are perfect and so fun! My husband's birthday is actually on Christmas and he has said all the same sentiments that your husband has expressed. It's so funny because I did a beer tasting party for him one year before Christmas. It's so hard to do anything around that time!

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  5. This turned out awesome!! And what a great idea to do it now. I can only imagine how impossible it is to plan any kind of birthday celebration around Christmas, so I'm glad you were able to sneak it in early. The road rally sounds fun, the food looks amazing - GREAT job Jill!
    Gina - On the Daily Express

  6. Nice :)



  7. Thanks for linking up! I love this!!! Such a fun idea!

  8. Such cute party ideas! Thanks for sharing! :)

  9. Oh my gosh this is so fun!! I need to do this for my husband. He LOVES German food too!! What an amazing idea and look at your gorgeous family!!! Great post! Thanks (: Susan

  10. This sounds like an awesome party! It must have taken a lot of planning. Those sliders look amazing. I'm sure your husband was beyond thrilled! ~Cynthia

  11. Hey dear, i am so glad to be your new reader. And i will keeping reading your blog. But can you just change the color of your blog background? It is uncomfortable color.

    Royal Wang


    1. Thanks for commenting and I’m happy to have you as a new reader. I'm sorry you are uncomfortable with the blog color. Pink is my favorite color and part of my blogs theme so I will not be changing it. I do appreciate your honest opinion.

  12. What an awesome celebration! I'm sure he loved the surprise!! I love how it was all so well put together! Now I want a pretzel!

  13. This is so, so cool! Seeing all those pretzels is making me hungry, I am a sucker for soft pretzels. I need to plan my husband's 40th party and his birthday is Jan. 11, so right after Christmas the New Year! It IS so hard, and it is kind of a crummy time of year, too! So, wish me luck! You did great!!

  14. Great party! Everything was perfect!

  15. Such a great idea, your husband will never forget his 50th! You did a fabulous job with all of the decorations and in under an hour!! Impressive!


  16. This is so fun! It looks like it turned out great!

  17. Jill, what a fun and thoughtful party for your husband! I love everything about it. Might have to steal this idea from you for my husband's 50th in a few years!

  18. How cool is the oktober fest theme ! Very creative

    Cha Cha The Fashion Genius

  19. This is so cute! What a great idea and such creative decorating! It looks like so much fun!

  20. What a great job you did! I am super impressed. I'm sure it was so much fun.

  21. Wow what a thoughtful idea to surprise him a couple months early! Perfect that you picked a milestone birthday like this to surprise him! Great job, and i totally need to come to your parties :)
    Carylee | morepiecesofme.com

  22. What a fun idea!

    My boyfriend's birthday is Dec. 14th and I thought that was hard! ;-)


  23. What an awesome idea- glad he was surprised! :) The big 5-0, yay!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  24. Such an awesome idea! You are so creative! I'm sure he absolutely loved it!

  25. What a fabulous party idea and even better that you pulled off the surprise!!! Looks like a wonderful time!

    Whitney & Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  26. This is so fun and festive. Those pretzels are making my mouth water.

  27. This is seriously the cutest birthday party idea!! I also love the fact that you surprised your husband with an early Birthday. Clever! I'll have to try that on a few family members of mine that have close-to-Christmas birthdays.


  28. My hubby's birthday is December 23rd as well. He says the same thing about being jipped that his b-day is so close to Christmas. What a fun party! I was thinking of having my hubby's bday party early this year too, so that he doesn't feel so "left out". Thanks for sharing and giving me some good ideas and inspiration!

    Thanks so much for joining us for the Celebrate Southern link up yesterday! I hope to see more of ya next week! :) xoxo

  29. Fantastic! This brings back memories for me. I lived in Hamburg for a year although I never celebrated Oktoberfest but I'm familiar with the German food.

  30. This is so wonderful! What a GREAT party idea! I'm a huge fan of all things european and would LOVE this party! Thank you so much for linking up with J (Bless Her Heart Y'all) and myself (www.2catsandchloe.com) for our second Celebrate Southern linkup! If you wouldn't mind adding our link to the bottom of your post, I'd appreciate it! :) I am pinning your post to our official linkup pin board now!! :)

  31. I have never heard of a road ralley, that sounds amazingly cool. I learn something everyday, and happy birthday to your hubby! Awww! Thank you for linking this up to the link up, I enjoyed reading it! Rachel xo

  32. This is such a great idea! I know my husband would LOVE something like this!

    Tif @ Bright on a Budget

  33. What a fantastic theme and great Birthday party. The decor was so nice and the menu sounds wonderful. I bet that was a huge surprise! Happy 50th to your man!!

  34. Look at all that yummy food!!



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