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Conture Kinetic Skin Toning System - 30 Day Review

How was your weekend, and for my US readers, Thanksgiving? Did you score any great Black Friday deals? I've taken my daughter and her friend Black Friday shopping the since they were in middle school. Even though I would rather sleep in instead of getting up at 4:30 am, its a fun tradition! Other than that, I had a relaxing 4-day weekend where I completely unplugged from the blog and social media. I'm looking forward to getting caught up this week on comments and visiting my favorite bloggers! 

conture kinetic skin toning system

I've been using the Conture Kinetic Skin Toning System for 30 days and as promised wanted to share my follow-up review with you. Inspired by devices and treatments only available in med-spas, the Conture Kinetic Skin Toning System utilizes isometric compression and low sonic frequency vibrations to tone dull and aged looking skin. Essentially it's a gentle vacuum that lifts and releases your skin while the low sonic vibrations give your skin a massage. This action stimulates the skin by carrying more oxygen to the surface, which in turn boosts circulation. You can read my first impressions on the device HERE

Clinical trials using the system twice a day resulted in skin looking more radiant, visibly more smooth and for some, a decrease in fine line and wrinkles and an increase in firmness. It also improves the skins ability to absorb serums, lotions and cremes. 

It was easy to incorporate into my morning and night time routines. While my goal was to use the system twice a day, I have to admit that there were a few late nights where I skipped it. The Kinetic serum is the powerhouse behind the device. Start with applying a pea size amount to a clean face. 

Select the device setting (face, mild for eye area or neck), turn on the device and start toning the treatment area. The chart below breaks your face down into ten zones. It's a helpful guide to follow to make sure you are moving across your face in the right direction for each target area. For me, this is the smile lines, upper cheek area and crows feet.

conture kinetic skin toning system

Make sure the vacuum head is firmly placed against the skin to create a vacuum seal. Let the device pulse 3 - 5 times, then move the device slightly over and repeat until you have covered the entire treatment area. 

conture kinetic skin toning system

I've been finishing off with the AM lotion or PM recovery creme but you can use your own facial products too. I would recommend at a minimum using the serum. It's a complete anti-wrinkle serum formulated iwth peptide SNAP-8 which has been clinically proven to reduce crows feet alone by up to 63%. I feel like it also helps the device move across your face smoothly and didn't work as well without the serum. 

Now on to the before and after shots. Here's my skin before using the system. 

And after 30 days...

The device has helped bring more bloodflow to my face and plump up my skin. I don't see dramatic results but I feel like my smile lines and crows feet are softer. My skin's texture also looks less dull. I'll have a final review with another after photo in 4 - 6 weeks! 

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