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Necklace Layering 101

Gold necklaces have always been a classic accessory. Back in high school and college, I was a gold lover. Then, over the years I gradually gravitated to silver. Fast forward to a few years ago when I was all about mixing metals. Now I wear both gold and silver equally, but it seems that gold has now trended back as the must-have accessory. 

Another trend I'm hooked on right now is layering dainty necklaces! One of my favorite ways to wear accessories is layering 3 or more necklaces at a time. Considering that you can change up the combinations over and over, you'll wear more pieces in your jewelry box! Plus it's a fun way to show personal expression!

Achieving a balanced, layered look is easy by following these steps:

1. Not sure where to start? Pick the piece you wear the most and then add 2 or more other favorites. 

2. Combine necklace and chain styles. Contrasting styles is half the fun of layering. Plus having different chain styles will help reduce tangling. 

3. Add something personalized. Necklaces with initials, monograms, coin medallions or zodiac signs all add interest to your layers. I personally love anything monogrammed. Find a piece that is special to you.

4. Choose different lengths so that you have the right balance of space between each layer. This allows each piece to stand out on its own. If you have several necklaces that are the same length, it's easy to alter them with a chain extender

5. Don't be afraid to mix metals. Gold, rose gold, silver...the contrast of unexpected colors and textures add interest and creates a more dramatic look.

6. The rule of three that you use in home decor applies here as well. Try to stick to odd numbers; 3 for a simple combination and 5 for a mix that makes a more significant impact. 

For scoop neck tops, v-necks and blouses, a 14" or 16" choker or dainty necklace are good starting points. The second layer should be a chain a few inches longer that hits about an inch below your clavicle bone. Your longest piece should be the heaviest chain. 


For crew neck tops, stay away from chokers and opt for a 17" - 18" necklace for your starting point that falls below the neckline. Then add longer pieces to balance it out.


I hope these tips help make your jewelry styling easier! What do you think of the delicate necklace layering trend? 

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