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5 Minute Plaid Fabric Pumpkins

5 Minute Plaid Fabric Pumpkin Tutorial

Have you started decorating for fall? I packed up my summer decor over the weekend and swapped it out for everything pumpkin. I seem to have a pumpkin obsession and always want to add more to my collection. I was in TJ Maxx the other day and came across some black and white buffalo plaid pumpkins that were super cute, but I wanted something a little bit more colorful. I also thought I could easily recreate them at a fraction of the price. I love getting inspiration from stores and then trying to emulate it at home. I've seen tutorials using balloons to make pumpkins but decided the most straightforward route was to use toilet paper rolls. So today, I've got a fabric pumpkin craft only takes 5 minutes! Just follow this uncomplicated DIY tutorial to make your own plaid fabric pumpkins!

Easy Plaid Pumpkin Tutorial Using Toilet Paper Rolls


1/2 yard of plaid or fabric of choice (1/2 yard will make 2 pumpkins)
Mega size toilet paper rolls
4" - 5" twigs (I just went around our yard and picked up a few and then removed the bark)
Raffia ribbon


Cut your fabric in half (it will be an approximately 22" square).

Unroll the toilet paper about 10 -15 times, then loosely re-roll it back up twisting it so that it has a more rounded shape.

Grab one end of the fabric and tuck it into the center of the toilet paper roll. Continue folding and tucking with the other corners.

5 minute plaid pumpkin DIY using toilet paper rolls

5 minute plaid pumpkin DIY tutorial

Take a twig and place into the center of your pumpkin.

How to make plaid pumpkins with toilet paper rolls

Finish off your pumpkin by tying some raffia ribbon around the stem. 

Easy plaid pumpkin tutorial using toilet paper rolls

How easy was that? Cute plaid pumpkins in 5 minutes to add a rustic touch to your fall decor!

5 minute DIY - plaid pumpkins using toilet paper rolls

Simple plaid pumpkin DIY

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Easy plaid pumpkin DIY tutorial

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