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10 At Home Date Night Ideas That Aren't Watching a Movie

Date nights are so important to stay connected in any relationship, and just because we're quarantined, doesn't mean they need to stop. De-stressing with your spouse or significant other is more crucial than ever. Here are 10 at home date night ideas to try that aren't watching a movie!

fun at home date night ideas

Cook a Meal Together

Find a new recipe your both are interested in trying and make it together. Then, get dressed up, switch up your dining location, set the table with a nice table cloth and candles to make it feel special.

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

Watch your wedding video or look at photo albums together. It's fun to watch old home movies from when you were growing up too!

Start a Book Club for Two

Pick a book you'd both like to read, set a schedule, and discuss each chapter as you go along.

Make a Time Capsule

Gather some newspaper headlines, magazines, photos, momentous, and make a list of prices of essentials like gasoline, bread, milk, etc. Decide where you want to bury it for a stranger or your kids to find later.

Have a Picnic

Go for a hike or bike ride and pack a picnic lunch. Or set it up in your back yard right before sunset.

At-Home Spa

Take an online massage class together to learn techniques and then show off your best massage skills.

Have a Karaoke Night

You don't need to have a microphone or machine. Download a karaoke app and sing the night away.

Have a Progressive Take Out Night

Take advantage of curbside pickup and get appetizers from one restaurant, the main meal, and dessert from others. This helps support local restaurants too!

Play the Newlywed Game

Find out how well you really know your significant other. Check out Andrea's questions or find more here.

Happy Hour

Instead of mixing your regular drink, have some fun and friendly competition to see who can craft the best cocktail. 

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What types of things are you doing for your at-home date nights?

10 at home date night ideas

As always, thank you for reading! Stay healthy and safe!

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