Reading Roundup | March 2014

The Girl and the Raven is a paranormal romance complete with witches, demons and gargoyles. The main character is Lucy Walker, a high schooler who has had a rough life living with her Mom in Tennessee. When her Mom passes away unexpectedly, Lucy moves to Chicago’s Edison Park neighborhood to live with her two Uncle’s. 

Arriving at the airport, a man collides with Lucy and leaves her a business card requesting she contact him. He turns out to be Lucy’s Father who she has always wondered about and she soon learns he is a demon. Lucy also quickly finds out that her Grandmother was a witch making her 1/2 witch, 1/2 demon.

All of the character’s lives are intertwined somehow. Tenants in her Uncle’s building Persephone, her Grandmother’s old friend and Marcus, a mysterious boy who Lucy has an immediate connection with, both have supernatural powers. Lucy meets Katie, a girl her age who lives across the street and she immediately becomes part of the “in crowd”. Lucy is hired as a nanny for the summer to watch the two youngest children of the wealthy Douglas family. She meets Dylan, the oldest of the three Douglas children and they become friends. 

Finally happy she is living a normal life, she is pulled in different directions between her friends, her Father, Persephone and Marcus and is forced to decide who she wants to be.

The Girl and the Raven quickly draws you in and keeps you turning the pages. It is a book that will entertain both young adults and adults.

Link to the Pauline Gruber Author website:

Pauline Gruber – Young Adult Author

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