The Top Five Places I Want to See Before I Die

Joining the Lifestyle Sistas Linkup today to talk about the Places I Want to See Before I Die. This topic hits home for me because my Mom travels to amazing destinations several times a year and is checking off every spot on her bucket list. So far this year she has been bike riding in Amsterdam, spent a week in Paris with our daughter, kayaked in Alaska and is heading to one of my top picks this fall: Italy to hike.  I hope to do the same one day and here are the top five on my bucket list.  Turns out some of my favorite films were shot at many of these destinations so touring those settings would make the trip even more fun!

San Francisco 

I have never been to California (connecting flights at the airport does not count) so I’d love to wander around San Francisco and ride a cable car.  Union Square would be my top destination for art, theater and all of the shops and a Vertigo tour of San Francisco would be fun.  Vertigo is probably one of my all time favorite Hitchcock movies and was filmed here!

Napa Valley

Years ago, we had plans for a long weekend with friends in Napa. I don’t remember why, but something came up and we couldn’t go. Life got in the way and we still haven’t made it there. Discovering new wines and eating great food is my idea of the perfect weekend. Sideways, Bottle Shock and the original Parent Trap were all filmed in Napa. Both a Sideways wine tour and a Bottle Behind the Scenes tour are offered so you can visit the settings and sample the wine as you go along.


Our daughter was lucky enough to travel to Paris this summer with my Mom.  Of course, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and the Arc de Triomphe are at the top of my list, but spending a few days on the French Riviera would be amazing too. The coastline is beautiful and the seaside resorts look so quaint. Another film favorite, To Catch a Thief, was shot here too!


St Patrick’s Cathedral, Giant’s Causeway and so many amazing castles to see! Do you remember My Left Foot? Daniel Day Lewis played an Irishman with cerebral palsy that only had control of his left foot and later became a painter. This was a remarkable film shot in Ireland. A good friend just got transferred to Dublin for work for a three year assignment. With a place to stay, my chances of visiting Ireland soon just got better!


Where do I even start? Sample wine in the vineyards of Tuscany, see Leonardo d Vinci’s Last Supper and attend an opera in Milan. Take in more art at the Uffizi Gallery and Accademia museums in Florence. See the amazing fresco’s in the Padua Scrovegni Chapel, take a boat tour around Lago di Como. Visit the Colosseum and Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel in Rome…you get the idea, lot’s to see and do! Two more of my favorite movies were shot in Italy; Life is Beautiful, filmed in Arezzo and A Room with a View, filmed in Florence.

What destinations are on your bucket list?  Let me know in the comments!

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