Candy Cane Wreath | DIY Tutorial


easy candy cane wreath tutorial


I’ve always wanted to learn how to knit, it seems like it would be therapeutic. I bought a bunch of yarn ages ago with the intent of taking a class and came across it digging for some holiday decorations in the basement. After pondering what I could make with it, I decided on this candy cane wreath.


Candy Cane Wreath Supplies:

Red and white yarn

Foam wreath form


Holiday floral decorations

Measuring tape





Start by measuring and marking off 2″ – 3″ sections across the wreath form. Tie one end of the red yarn to the wreath form and start wrapping. When you get to the next section you’ve marked off, cut the red string in the back of the wreath, and tie it to the white string. Wrap the white string around to the next section and keep alternating until the wreath is covered.



Insert the floral decorations into the wreath.


simple candy cane wreath diy


Add some ribbon, then you’re done!


DIY festive candy cane wreath


Hang your candy cane wreath and enjoy that grand feeling of accomplishment!


easy candy cane wreath tutorial


As always, thank you for reading!

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