Pinterest Birthday Party

The last several years our daughter has had her birthday party at home, doing an activity with her friends and then having a sleepover. This year, the plan was to go out to lunch and then to a movie. But then, I was at my friend Colleen’s Pinterest party at a local studio, and thought this would be the perfect place for a teen party. 

We looked at endless options on Pinterest and decided on making Chinese lanterns. The studio took care of ordering the supplies, decorations and even made a cute banner that she could hang up in her room later. All I had to do was make a few snacks and buy a cake. 

This birthday cake topper was easy to make. All you need is scrapbook paper, letter stickers, ribbon and paper straws. Cut out squares, apply the stickers, hot glue to the ribbon and then glue the ribbon to the straws. Done!

We had won this 10 pound chocolate bar at a silent auction last fall. It had to get eaten some time and this was the perfect event to unveil it at. It was impossible to cut so we improvised with a hammer and chisel.

The finished products…

It was fun to see how everyone decorated their lanterns. They look really cool lit up!

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