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Welcome back to week three of our six-week Blogging Tips series! This week our topic is social media blogging tips. There are so many social media platforms out there…Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, Instagram, Stumbleupon, YouTube, Snap Chat, LinkedIn…the list goes on and on and navigating them can be overwhelming. It’s impossible to be on all of these platforms all of the time, however, you do need to be active on some social media outlets to help drive traffic to your blog. Social media is one area that I struggle with and I’m far from an expert. I can tell you what I’ve learned and my best piece of advice is that instead of spreading yourself thin and trying to be on all social media outlets all of the time, focus on one or two and be really good at those.



For all of your social media accounts, you should have a brief bio in your about section so people know what your blog is about when they check out your profile. Make sure you include a link back to your blog.

Google Analytics shows me that Facebook and Pinterest are traffic drivers for my blog so these are the two that I’m trying to focus on being better at. While I don’t think it drives traffic to my blog, I’ve discovered some great blogs on Instagram so I’m going to touch on that platform too.


In addition to posting blog and Instagram posts to to Facebook, I try to support other bloggers and share any posts or articles that would be relevant to my followers. Blogger engagement groups are another way to give your blog more exposure and there are numerous ones you can join. Not only does it give your blog more visibility, I’ve found some new blogs to follow too!


I was a Pinterest fanatic long before I started my blog. I love visual images and it’s always been a resource for new workouts, recipes, and fashion. If you haven’t already, install the Pin It button widget so that your photos are easily pinable as well as the Pinterest sharing button at the bottom of your posts. Changing from a regular account to a business account will give you access to Pinterest analytics. I pin my blog photos to a dedicated board for my blog in addition to other relevant boards.  Re-pin any successful pins to get even more engagement. When I’m reading blogs, I pin content with my followers in mind and have joined group boards where I can also share and pin content.


When I started my blog, I would spend hours on Instagram liking and commenting trying to gain followers. This took time away from the other things I liked to do including the time I could spend on my blog and it had little return on my investment. I stopped worrying about the number of followers I had and changed my strategy. I filled my feed with accounts that gave me inspiration and that I truly liked and that’s when I slowly started building up followers. An organic instagram growth service is also a good tool to build an engaged audience.


My personal blog goals are to post once a day on Facebook and pin/re-pin 5 – 10 images a day on Pinterest. Finding a scheduling tool is next up on my list. If you have suggestions on how you manage your social media, please let me know in the comments!


I hope you enjoyed this post on social media blogging tips. Remember, the more active you are, the more engaged followers you will have!


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As always, thank you for reading!

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