8 Ways to Wear White Jeans Year Round

A collection of white jeans outfits helping you figure out how to wear white jeans

I remembered being out with some girlfriends at the end of August and overheard someone next to us mentioning to her friend that she needed to wear her white jeans once more before the end of summer. She didn’t know how to wear white jeans after Labor Day…and she’s not alone.

We’ve all heard the mixed messages out there in the fashion world about when you can and cannot wear white. Specifically, the no white after Labor Day rule comes to mind.

I agree that lighter fabrics and linen are typically for summertime, but what about winter whites and pairing your white jeans with other neutrals and heavier fabrics for a refreshing change?

Can you wear white jeans in the winter? Can you wear white jeans in the fall? Or should you stuff your favorite white denim to the back of your closet until spring and summer?

We’ll be diving deep into these questions and sharing 8 of our favorite white jeans outfit ideas to keep you wearing your favorite pants all year long.

How to Wear White Jeans in Winter

If the idea of wearing white pants in winter makes you a little nervous, you’re definitely not alone. There were many years when I followed this rule, too. But over the years I’ve come to see white pants for what they truly are: a classic, neutral foundation for great outfits in any season!

In winter, I love wearing white jeans with a flannel top or a cozy sweater. And they look great with booties, tall boots, and even Sorel type winter boots!

White Jeans Winter Outfit Ideas

This all white outfit is one of the ways to wear white jeans all year

I love the idea of keeping a color palette very simple for winter whites. In this outfit, I paired white jeans with a cream-colored sweater and a long gold necklace. Cognac leather boots tied this whole look together for a warm and cozy way to wear white jeans in winter. I also love the idea of pairing this outfit with tall suede boots like these.

Pair white jeans with boots and a sweater to wear white jeans in winter

White jeans are also perfect for pairing with brighter colors. In this winter outfit idea I switched out my cream-colored sweater for a bright green sweater over a crisp, white top. The green really stands out against the white denim and light brown leather boots and would be beautiful for a casual Christmas outfit (or really any day this winter).

How to Wear White Pants in the Fall

Once you’ve gotten over the hump of wearing white jeans in the winter, wearing them in the fall isn’t such a big deal. In fact, I’d argue white jeans are one of the best transitional pieces from your summer to fall wardrobe.

They can easily pair with a flannel shirt or cardigan, or with a lightweight blouse. And they’re perfect for wearing with leather boots as the weather starts to get cooler.

White Jeans Fall Outfit Ideas

This sweater and boots outfit is an example of how to wear white jeans in winter

I love the combination of this deep forest green shirt, white jeans and brown leather boots. Adding the flannel scarf makes this outfit ready for corn mazes, apple picking and just about any other fall activity you can think of.

Black and white outfit

If you’re still not sure how to wear white jeans in the fall, try keeping your color palette simple. This black and white outfit is easy to recreate with whatever you have in your closet. I used knee-high black boots and a casual black top to create this everyday outfit for fall.

How to Wear White Jeans in the Spring

Spring is when white jeans really feel at home. It’s still cool enough to feel comfortable in denim all day but warm enough to bring out some bright colors and lighter-weight fabrics.

In spring, I love the idea of pairing white jeans with brightly-colored flats or casual sneakers. But there are so many options for spring outfits with white jeans! If you’re not sure how to wear white jeans this spring, then use these ideas as your inspiration.

White Jeans Spring Outfit Ideas

Red blouse with white jeans outfit

In this spring outfit, the pants really pop against a bright red coral colored shirt. The slight pattern on the shirt draws the eye even more and really makes a statement. I paired this outfit with a slightly metallic loafer for a modern twist on a classic look.

This coral top outfit is part of how to wear white jeans

White jeans are paired with a slightly softer coral color in this spring outfit idea. This one feels a little more dressy and could easily be worn to brunch or a daytime event. The large statement necklace really stands out against the coral top, while white shoes connect with the white denim and help elongate the leg.

How to Wear White Jeans in The Summer

Wearing white jeans in summer just feels right. It’s the time of year that most of us thought was the only time of year we could wear white jeans! And there are so many different ways to build summer outfits around a good pair of white denim.

I love wearing white jeans with a nice top for a summer date night out or on cooler days wearing white jeans to a BBQ or dinner party with friends.

White Jeans Summer Outfit Ideas

A white jeans outfit with bright red sweater

I paired white jeans with a patterned white top and a bright red sweater in this summer jeans outfit and I love the way it turned out! This is such a versatile outfit because the bright cardigan sweater can easily be removed when the weather is warmer and then put back on for an evening out.

A white jeans outfit with blue top

In this white jeans outfit, a bright blue top is paired with white denim and strappy flat sandals. This outfit could easily be worn to breakfast out or to a wine night with friends. It’s casual enough for daytime wear but dressy enough to keep on all night. I love the way the bright blue blouse contrasts with the white pants!

Need More Ideas for How to Wear White Jeans All Year?

Pinterest is full of even more white jeans outfit ideas! No matter where or when you want to wear white jeans, there’s an outfit idea that’s right for you!

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8 Ways to Wear White Jeans Year Round


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