How to Stop Overspending When You Shop


A little retail therapy will brighten up both your day and your wardrobe. It’s easy to overspend when you have some good finds. Here, are some tips to help stop overspending when you shop. 


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Cut Costs

You can save money while looking stylish.  There are many opportunities to save on your clothing budget if you look for them. Before you buy something new, donate or sell something in your closet. Don’t buy clothes at full price. Look for deals and take advantage of thrift store finds. Be creative in your approach and buy clothes for quality and a fit into your wardrobe, not the price tag. 


Put Your Money Where You Need it First

Use a tool like to help you manage your personal finances and plan where your paycheck goes. They have free calculators for just about any financial situation. When your housing, savings, and other essentials are planned and accounted for you won’t accidentally overspend. 


Set a Spending Budget

Rather than simply going wild and spending, know exactly what you have budgeted to spend. Online budgeting tools like can help you get a better idea of where your finances are at and how much you can afford for shopping and the extras. 


Get to Know Your Habits

The tips above will not only help stop overspending when you shop. Use them to track your expenses as well. Compare your expenses to your budget. If you overspent, then you will be able to see exactly how and where you did it. This can help you better understand your own impulses and habits so that you’re more likely to break them in the future.


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