Trader Joe’s Haul {Summer 2020 Edition}



Trader Joe's Haul Summer Edition


Do you share the same obsession with Trader Joe’s that I do? I’m not a fan of grocery shopping, and luckily my husband usually takes care of that, but there’s something about a TJ’s run that brings me joy. And there’s nothing better than discovering a new TJ’s find. Well, they have so many good things this summer, so I stocked up over the weekend. Here’s what I got in my Trader Joe’s haul, including some of my go-to favorites that I always grab and new products I’m excited to try!


Trader Joe’s Haul: Breakfast

This is my favorite oatmeal, and it’s ready in 3 minutes!



These egg frittatas are another breakfast staple for me. They come in a pack of two and are chocked full of protein and veggies.



I drink hot tea year-round, and Earl Grey and Ginger Tumeric teas are always on my shopping list. The Mint Watermelon is seasonal, and I’m excited to try it!


Trader Joe’s Haul: Lunch & Dinner


Soups are another year-round staple and an easy meal when you’re in a pinch. Pair a grilled cheese with tomato feta or a salad with corn chowder.



This Creamy Chicken Poblano Ravioli is delicious! It doesn’t need much as far as a sauce: just a little olive oil and parmesan cheese. I recently found a recipe adding TJ’s Mexican Roasted Corn and am going to try that next.



I always have a few pizzas in the freezer, and this roasted veggie pizza is tasty.



The Mandarin Orange Chicken is another family favorite and easy meal to serve over rice.


Trader Joe’s Haul: Snacks

Have you tried this Smoked Salmon Dip yet? It’s delicious on TJ’s Savory Thin Crackers.



These mixed nuts are a yummy snack, and I always add them to my charcuterie boards.



Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups. Heavenly!


Trader Joe’s Haul: Drinks

Watermelon Cucumber Cooler is a refreshing summer drink by itself and also a yummy margarita mixer!



Another refreshing beverage and a great option to mix a spicy margarita!



Have you tried these juice shots? They’re supposed to really pack a punch and give your immune system a boost.



I was unsure how these would taste with the unique blend of hibiscus and lemongrass, but they are a hit! This drink has a nice balance between sweet and tart.



What are your Trader Joe’s favorites?


The Best Seasonal Products at Trader Joe's


Thank you for reading Trader Joe’s Haul Summer Edition!


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