Looking for an Engagement Ring? Here’s Why Tanzanite is the Way to Go

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Engagement rings are a symbol of love and commitment between two people who want to spend their lives together. It marks a treasured moment in a couple’s lives, and the person wearing it gets to cherish it for the future ahead. 


Most engagement rings are made with diamonds. Over time, diamonds have become a classic for engagement rings, and many prefer to have this white gemstone as a symbol to celebrate the next step in life. However, for those who may not be a fan of diamonds as much, there are other beautiful gemstones to consider for the purpose of engagement rings. If you’re unsure of which one to consider, why not give Tanzanite a thought?


The vibrant and elegant blue shade of the gemstone makes it a perfect option for use in engagement rings. When you look at Tanzanite rings, you’ll be able to understand the unique appearance the stone brings, which isn’t possible with any other gem. While it does depend on a person’s preferences, those who are open to different gemstones for engagement rings should consider Tanzanite as a top choice. Here’s a look at a few reasons why.


Why Opt for Tanzanite as Your Engagement Ring?

Tanzanite is a beautiful blue gemstone that was first discovered in the 1960s. The gem comes from a naturally occurring mineral from under the Earth’s surface, known as Zoisite. When it was first used as part of jewelry by Tiffany & Co., the jewelers believed the discovery of Tanzanite was a highly remarkable one to happen. 


They gave the gemstone the name Tanzanite, after its country of origin, Tanzania. Before this, it was called by the name of Blue Zoisite. Ever since then, Tanzanite has become a highly sought-after gemstone for different ornamental uses. Here are a few reasons why Tanzanite stands out over other stones: 


1 – Sophistication – Tanzanite is a beautiful gemstone that adds a unique level of sophistication to any ornament. When it comes to engagement rings, having a Tanzanite gemstone shine upfront on a beautifully designed band will allow the gemstone to stand out in a way that even diamonds cannot. This ornament piece offers a timeless appeal, which means that even decades later, the Tanzanite engagement ring will still hold the same level of sophistication as the day you first bought it.

2 – Easy to Style – As an engagement ring, Tanzanite rings are easy to style with different looks and accessories. You can pair them with gold ornaments, Tanzanite earrings, silver bracelets, and more. The gemstone is diverse, allowing the wearer to match it with different looks. Having a Tanzanite engagement ring will also allow you to experiment with more colors in your style, giving you the opportunity to showcase a unique pop of color with any look.


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3 – A Rare Treasure – Tanzanite is a rare gemstone that scientists believe will become even more scarce in the upcoming decades. Unless there will be a synthetic production taking place, Tanzanite may not be around much longer. Having a Tanzanite engagement ring will mean you also get to own a rare treasure that very few will get the opportunity to own. It will be one of the most valuable ornaments, making it more sentimental for the use of an engagement ring.



Tanzanite rings are some of the most beautiful ornament pieces to exist. Getting one of these as an engagement ring will truly be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The rarity and charm of the gemstone will make it a highly sentimental piece to symbolize a lifetime of love and togetherness. While diamonds have always taken the step ahead for engagement rings, it is now time for Tanzanite to show that it’s just as suitable for engagement rings. Hence, if you’re looking for the perfect ring to pop the question and are aware of your partner’s style preferences, trust us, getting a Tanzanite ring will be an excellent way to mark this treasured moment in your life.


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