March Must-Have Beauty Favorites

My version of March Madness involves shopping for the cutest new beauty products available! If you don’t know the best beauty options this March, my comprehensive list of this month’s must-haves will point you in the right direction, taken from Tiktok trending products and influencer recommendations.

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Black Tea Anti-Aging Ceramide Moisturizer

Price: $117
Size: Jumbo (100ml)
Available from: The Fresh website

I can’t get enough of this face moisturizer this month. I bought it because it had been in my wishlist for a while and as it has been discounted to $117 from $156 I thought I’d grab it while I can – because it is not the cheapest of products every bit of saving helps. Anyway, I had high expectations for this anti-aging product and Fresh really didn’t disappoint, it has got to be one of the best moisturizers in my collection.

It is a lightweight cream that works similarly to a retinoid cream and offers seven times smoother wrinkles, four times the level of skin radiance, and five times visibly firmer skin. I use it in the mornings and it really has made such a big difference to my skin’s moisture and firmness. There are a lot of high-performance ingredients in this little jar, working together to correct the visible signs of aging that come from a decline in collagen production. The formula is science-backed and works on all skin types, even sensitive skin.

It’s a big win for me.

Merit Beauty Signature Matte Lip in Colorway Sunday

Price: $26
Available from: The Merit website

Merit is one beauty company that has taken center stage in a massive way over the last year, and their Signature Matte lipstick is one of my favorites this month. The color is sheer and buildable but lacks the heaviness that comes when you build traditional lipstick formulas. It is lightweight, light-wearing, and — unlike many mattes — provides a lot of hydration and moisture with its squalane and sunflower seed oil. The vitamin C content helps to minimize the appearance of fine lines on your lips.


Virtue Hair Damage Reverse Serum

Price: $60 (20% off with a discount code available on the site)
Size: 50ml
Available from: The Virtue site

Your hair deserves as much beauty love as your face does! With that in mind I have included the Virtue Damage Reverse Serum on my list because I can’t get enough of it this month. This leave-in wonder treatment gets to work instantly and repairs and protects your follicles. The incredibly high concentration of Virtue’s hair-identical protein reconnects broken bonds in the hair and returns strength to your locks. Damaged peptides are replaced and each strand is soaked in keratine to make your hair visibly shinier and far healthier from the first use.

Cle De Peau Beaute Eye Contour Cream Supreme

Price: $130
Size: 6ml
Available from: Cle De Peau Beaute website

I love refillable beauty products because they’re such a great way to minimize what you spend monthly and also minimize waste.

Cle De Peau Beaute has created an incredible eye cream that keeps the sensitive skin around the eye area hydrated and helps sculpt and rejuvenate the entire area. The incredibly concentrated components of the formula work together to minimize fine lines and deep wrinkles, plump up your skin, and tame under-eye dark circles.

The platinum-coated massage tool that comes with your first jar of cream works with the formula to improve circulation in the eye area and help the cream absorb quickly.

Prada Beauty Reveal Skin-Optimizing Refillable Soft Matte Foundation

Price: $70
Size: 30ml
Available from: The Prada website

Another refillable item on my list is this incredibly soft, smooth Prada foundation. The Skin Optimising Soft Matte liquid foundation works in three different ways: it works on your skin’s tone, luminosity, and texture to make you look like you’re wearing the best Instagram filter you’ve ever seen. The matte finish is surprisingly breathable and will give you 24 hours of wear if you build your application correctly.

The brand’s patented IRL Micro-Filter tech, along with vitamin E, niacinamide, and lactobacillus extract complex, all work together to refine your skin’s texture and keep you glowing and hydrated all day long.

Bio Essence Bio-Gold 24K Gold Water

Price: $27.79
Size: 100ml
Available from: The Watsons website

The magic contained within this little bottle — glittering with gold flakes — must be experienced to be believed. If your skin needs a little extra hydrating boost this March, reach for Bio Essence’s Bio-Gold hydrating water. Infused with the brand’s signature Bio-Energy Complex (which dives deep beneath your skin barrier to nourish your skin from the inside), this pretty product delivers a real hydration boost.

You’ll see smoothed, plumped, and revitalized-looking skin almost instantly.

Iota Supercloud Body Serum+

Price: $39
Size: 150ml
Available from: The Iota website

When I feel like my body needs a little extra love, I add this delicious, deeply nourishing body serum to my cart. This lightweight treatment brings an all-day glow to your whole body and helps to even out any blotchy or uneven skin texture. A host of powerful ingredients (including sea moss, lactic acid, Japanese yuzu, and more) help to fill in any gaps in your skin’s nutrition and delay the signs of aging before they begin to set in. Copper peptides save the say by promoting collagen production, leaving your whole body feeling smooth and supple.

Make March More Beautiful

March heralds the end of winter and the start of spring, so treat yourself to some of these beauty must-haves to welcome in the warmer weather. From body serum to matte lipstick and anti-aging face cream, these products will keep you flawless through March and the rest of the spring, too.


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