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Easy Halloween Raven Wreath

My mom had been shopping for a Halloween wreath for her front door and found that everything she liked was extremely pricey. This wreath from Williams Sonoma was one of her favorites, but it touted a hefty price-tag of $75. I offered to make a dupe and it end up costing less than $10! There are only three steps to this DIY - it's that simple to make!

~ Supplies ~

12 inch grapevine or twig wreath - Michaels or Amazon
Spanish moss - Dollar Tree
RavenDollar Tree, Party City or Amazon
Glue gun

~  Step 1 ~

Spray paint both sides of the wreath black and allow to dry.

~ Step 2 ~

Grab a few handfuls of the Spanish moss to make a nest for the raven. 
I used a glue gun to adhere the moss to the wreath.

~ Step 3 ~

There are little wires on the bottom of the raven's feet. Wrap them around a piece of grapevine and use a glue gun to secure to the nest.

That's it! Hang your wreath!

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