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If you read my post on clean beauty last month, you’ll know that there are many ingredients in the beauty and skin care products we use daily that are harmful to our bodies. The beauty industry is not regulated and some of our brand loyal products that we use on a daily basis contain harmful ingredients. Some of the offenders are harsh sulfates, formaldehyde-releasers, artificial fragrances, PEGs, mineral oil, and carbon black. Everyday we are coming into contact with preservatives and pesticides in food, toxins in our cleaning products, plus stress and pollution. Making clean swaps to our  beauty and skincare products is one of the easiest way to make an instant improvement to our health!

There are now an abundance of clean beauty companies out there, BeautycounterKopariDrunk ElephantUrsa Major and Juice Beauty, to name a few. They offer amazing products that actually work, some better than the “dirty” alternatives. I personally love Beautycounter, so much that I joined them as a consultant. They are leading the way in the clean beauty movement with their Never List, a list of 1500 questionable or harmful chemicals that they never use as an ingredient in their products. Experiment and see what works for your skin! As you run out of products, why not make one swap! Maybe your moisturizer or lipstick! Small steps will add up to a big difference! 

Now on to my top, tried and trueBeautycounterproducts!

Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer. I’ve always used a tinted moisturizer or BB cream. This gives you a fresh dewey look without the shininess. I wear No. 2 in the fall/winter/spring and No. 3 in the summer.

Touchup Concealer Pen. The click pen design and brush applicator make it easy to cover up dark circles and other skin imperfections. Bonus that it helps reduce the appearance of fine lines too, giving your skin a bright and firm appearance.

Sheer Lipstick. When we apply lipstick, it’s no surprise we ingest what we put on, including artificial fragrance. Artificial fragrances can be a blend of ingredients that are not required to be disclosed by U.S. law and can include trace amounts of phthalates. Beautycounter lipsticks are free of artificial fragrances and are scented with natural vanilla. 

Countermatch Rescue Eye Cream. Many traditional eye creams are made with preservatives which can potentially release formaldehyde and impact your immune system. This eye cream is preserved with phytic acid from green rice. It’s lightweight, hydrating and brightens. 

Cleansing Balm. This product is a multi-tasker. It’s a cleanser, makeup remover and overnight mask in one. It melts into your skin leaving it super soft and hydrated. It has as a heftier price tag at $80, but a little bit goes a long way, and a 2.75 oz jar typically last me about 4 months.

Overnight Resurfacing Peel. I always think of peels as being harsh on your skin but this one helps hydrate, replenish and improve your skins texture. I’ve been layering this on after my serum and before my moisturizer at bedtime and waking up with smoother, more vibrant skin in the morning.

Balancing Facial MaskTraditional facial masks can be formulated with PEGs, which are widely used in cosmetics as thickeners or solvent and can possibly be contaminated with trace amounts of dangerous chemicals. This nutrient-rich kaolin clay mask deep-cleans and balances your skin giving it a smooth, refined appearance without the contaminants.

If you have questions about any of these products, let me know in the comments!

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