Simply Earth Essential Oils Box {Aug ’19}

Are you like me and buy essential oils but don’t know what to do with them? I’ve been using essential oils for years, mainly in my diffuser. I’ve made a few recipes here and there like bug spray and eucalyptus vapor rub. Once in a while, a friend will host a girls night, and we’d make a few recipes, but that’s about it. So when Simply Earth reached out to me to find out if I was interested in joining their squad to review the August Essential Oils Recipe Box, I was all in!

Simply Earth Essential Oils

Essential oils are not all created equal. Simply Earth essential oils are globally sourced and tested for 100% purity. Plants are grown throughout the best regions where they will thrive. After they are harvested, they collect the natural essential oils through cold-pressing or steam distillation. Simply Earth’s mission is to make your home natural at an affordable price. They also give back by helping people whose beauty has been abused. 13% of their profits go to help fight human trafficking. Each month they highlight one organization so you can learn more and get involved.

The Simply Earth essential oils recipe box is a monthly subscription box that comes with all of the ingredients, containers, and extras you need to make six natural essential oil recipes. This is great if you love natural DIY products but don’t have time to gather all of the ingredients! But, you don’t need a subscription to purchase from Simply Earth. They sell their oils individually as well!

Do you want to get your own Simply Earth Essential Oils Recipe Box? Use my referral link and code DOUSEDINPINKFREE to receive a $40 gift card with your first recipe box that you can use on a future purchase or next box! You also get a bonus box when you subscribe.

What’s In the August Recipe Box

The August box is designed to create clear, glowing, and beautiful skin and includes:

Clove Oil great for boosting immunity, aiding digestion and has killer antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Rosemary Oil helps balance your skin’s natural oils.

Frankincense Oil provides immunity support, skin-healing, tension and joint pain-relieving, and respiratory support.

Clear Skin Oil Blend made up of Tea Tree, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Juniper Berry and Lemon essential oils.

The bonus box contains extra supplies you’ll need to make the recipes including Almond Oil, Coconut Oil (liquid and solid), Beeswax and Lavender Hydrosol, oil and roller bottles.

The recipes for August are:

  1. Frankincense Face Scrib
  2. Rosemary Facial Steam
  3. Skin Renewing Face Mask
  4. Hydrosol Facial Toner
  5. Moisturizing Face Cream
  6. Clear Skin Roll-On


You’ll always also get a recipe for your diffuser and this month is Feel Good Morning.

Skin Renewing Face Mask

I love sheet masks. They’re always on my wishlists for birthdays, secret Santa’s, etc. so I was pretty excited that the August box included a recipe and it was so easy to make! I only needed one extra ingredient, Aloe Vera Gel, that I already had on hand. The first step of this recipe is to mix the aloe and Clear Skin Essential Oil Blend, then stir to combine.

Did your kids ever get those magic towels that are tiny but expand to the size of a washcloth? This little condensed mask does the same thing.

Place it in a small separate bowl and pour 1 tablespoon of distilled water over it to decompress.  As the mask hydrates, it will expand.

Unfold the mask and soak it in the aloe vera and essential mixture.

Place the sheet mask over your face and relax for 10 – 15 minutes. I always use a jade roller to smooth out the wrinkles. This mask is reusable, just hand wash it with castile soap!

The clear skin roll-on is a spot treatment for acne. I was able to whip that up for my daughter in two steps!

Add the essential oils to the roll-on bottle. Fill the rest of the way with Almond Oil. Swirl to mix. Apply directly to the acne-affected areas as needed.

Simply Earth Essential Oils Recipe Box is such a great DIY solution if you are interested in getting started with essential oils or growing your current collection. It’s so nice to receive the box in the mail with everything you need for these fun and easy DIY projects!

Do you want to get your own Simply Earth Essential Oils Recipe Box? Use my referral link and code DOUSEDINPINKFREE to receive a $40 gift card with your first recipe box that you can use on a future purchase or next box! You also get a bonus box when you subscribe.

As always, thank you for reading!

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