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Do you feel like every time you open your email or go into a store, there’s a deal being thrown at you? Try as I might, it’s been hard to stick to my budget lately. I think I’ve spent more while being stuck at home for the last 9 months than pre-COVID when I actually had places to go. In November, I went way over budget to treat myself to a pair of Burberry loafers that I found in a resale shop. And this month, shoes were my weakness again. It’s time to hold myself accountable and my December purchases. My clothing budget is $75/month, and posting what I buy helps keeps me accountable.


December purchases

December Purchases


1 – Tie-Neck Blouse c/o Kay Celine

2 – Peplum Cowl Neck Sweater c/o Mint Julep

3 – Utility Jacket $45.00

4 – Olive Booties c/o Naot

5 – Sneakers $38.00

6 – Pink Oxfords $55.00

7 – Colorblock Cardigan c/o Mint Julep

8 – Mesh Sleeve Top c/o Kay Celine

9 – Cobalt Blue Sweater c/o Mint Julep

10 – Sherpa Pants $11 (used $25 gift card)

11 – Sweater Dress c/o Mint Julep


Total: $149.00


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Another month over budget. I’m switching up my strategy in 2021. First, I’ve upped my monthly budget to $100. That seems to be the magic number for most months. When I researched how much the average woman spends monthly on clothing the range was $150 – $400/month. And, instead of meeting a monthly goal, I’m going to be subtracting from my annual budget of $1200. It will be interesting to see what my balance is at the end of the year and if this strategy makes a difference. I’ll also be sharing tips throughout the year on to be stylish on a budget. I’d love to hear your suggestions on how you stay on track! Let me know in the comments!




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As always, thank you for reading! Stay healthy and safe!


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