Why Sunglasses Should Still Be Part of Your Minimalist Wardrobe

why sunglasses should be part of your outfit

It can be difficult to keep up with trends nowadays, especially as new ones pop up every minute. Last year, ‘Barbiecore’ took center stage, and the premier of the Barbie movie had fashionistas donning all manner of pink clothing. Then, ‘stealth wealth’ reshaped the fashion market as more people were drawn to pared-down outfits. Stealth wealth isn’t anything new. In fact, it’s rooted in the same philosophy as minimalism that encourages sticking to classic wardrobe essentials like a crisp white button-up and perfect-fitting jeans to build a versatile collection that makes getting dressed easier. However, another key component of a minimalist aesthetic that isn’t often discussed is sunglasses. Below, we’ll explain why sunglasses should be part of your outfit and how this accessory is key to the perfect minimalist look.

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Why sunglasses are a key part of a minimalist wardrobe

Sunglasses serve as a crucial element in minimalist wardrobes, embodying both practicality and the ability to elevate a simple look. At the heart of minimalist fashion lies a focus on simplicity, versatility, and quality. Rather than shopping for accessories that fall out of fashion quickly, minimalism drives you to opt for timeless pieces that prioritize craftsmanship and longevity. This trains you to have a good eye, as is highlighted in an interview with fashion creative director Rebekkah Bay. She distinguishes that minimalism is not about wearing less or not wearing color; it’s about developing a personal taste that simplifies putting together polished looks, and this is something that the right pair of sunglasses can easily help with. So, here are some of the best styles that can add understated elegance to any outfit.

Cat-eye sunglasses

Cat-eye sunglasses effortlessly complement a wide range of outfits from casual to formal wear. A classic pair in a neutral color scheme such as black, brown, or tortoiseshell can be worn with various ensembles, enhancing your overall look without adding unnecessary complexity. Since minimalism emphasizes quality over quantity, it’s best to avoid flimsy, ‘trendier’ pieces and instead invest in a pair of designer sunglasses made of premium materials. On Sunglass Hut, you’ll find retro cat-eye frames like the Ray-Ban Nina and Tom Ford FT 0871. Both of these models eschew flashy logos and gimmicky features and instead spotlight 100% UV protection and a sleek design. Crafted in premium acetate material for durability and comfort, these sunglasses are designed to impress wherever you go.

Oversized sunglasses

why sunglasses should be part of your outfit

Last year, Angelina Jolie was spotted embracing a polished, monochromatic look in a black wrap dress and oversized, black hexagonal sunglasses, proving that oversized sunglasses have a place in a minimalist closet. The key is to select styles that feature clean lines and minimal embellishments. Take inspiration from Jolie and opt for sunglasses like the Jackie Ohh frames by Ray-Ban or the striking Delilah sunglasses by Burberry. Treat oversized frames as the centerpiece of your outfit and pair them with structured blazers and trousers to give your tailored workwear a chic edge.

Aviator sunglasses

Beloved by many legends of the screen, including Robert De Niro and Marlon Brando, Aviators are one of the most distinguishable styles of sunglasses. Even Jennifer Lopez and Kate Hudson have been seen wearing them. It’s not hard to see why, as these frames are incredibly understated yet versatile. Characterized by a thin metal frame, a double bridge, and teardrop-shaped lenses, Ray-Ban Aviators are best suited to those with round, heart-shaped, and triangular face shapes. In terms of styling, Aviators are best worn with casual outfits such as denim jeans and a plain white t-shirt. Finish your look with a vintage leather jacket to really lean into the frame’s rugged vibe.

By integrating sunglasses into your fashion repertoire, minimalists can maintain a mindful approach to style that balances practicality with timeless appeal. Whichever sunglasses style you choose, this accessory is a surefire way to elevate your pared-down wardrobe.


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