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DIY Summer Lemon Hoop Wreath

Summer Lemon Hoop Wreath Tutorial

One of the easiest and affordable ways to change up your outdoor decor for the season is to add a new wreath to your front door. Today I wanted to share how to make a lemon hoop wreath that will instantly add a summertime vibe to your entryway! 

Summer Lemon Hoop Wreath Tutorial


12" hoop wreath
Gingham ribbon (or whatever pattern you'd like)
Artificial lemons
Lemon leaf/Eucalyptus leaf/or any greenery you'd like
Glue gun
Floral wire
Wire cutters

Summer Lemon Hoop Wreath


Unscrew the top ring on the embroidery hoop to separate the hoop. Cut a 15" - 20" length of ribbon (you will hang the wreath with) and lay between the two hoops. Reassemble the hoop and tie the ribbon. Trim the excess ribbon to your liking.

Easy Summer Lemon Hoop Wreath DIY

Arrange the greenery along the hoop. Starting at the bottom, cut a length of floral wire with the wire cutters and wrap it tightly around a greenery stem, securing it to the hoop frame. Work your way up and repeat on the other side. 

Easy Summer Lemon Hoop Wreath Tutorial

Add the lemons. Secure the lemons to the frame with hot glue. 

Summer Lemon Hoop Wreath DIY

Add a bow if you choose. I made a simple bow and secured to the top of the hoop with hot glue. 

Easy Summer Lemon Hoop Wreath DIY
This project is quick and easy! You can make your own summer lemon hoop wreath in less than 30 minutes! This cheerful summer wreath adds a bright pop of yellow to your entryway to welcome your guests! 

DIY Lemon Hoop Wreath Tutorial

Easy Lemon Hoop Wreath DIY Tutorial

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