Could Your Ears Be Your Greatest Fashion Accessory?

When it comes to making a style statement, we first think of our clothing or footwear to help put an outfit together. But what about accessories? Jewelry trends evolve each year, but it seems that 2019 has become the year of the ear. Earring trends have caused a storm for the fall 2019 collections. Get ready for the new season with this quick rundown of fun earring trends. 

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Go Long

Long earrings have been an increasing trend over the seasons, but they’re about to make a huge statement this year. Vogue’s roundup of fall 2019 jewelry trends features some gorgeous statement earrings that are all about the length. From intricate details to full-blown glamor, there are plenty of great styles to embrace.

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Be Delicate

In complete contrast to the long earring trend, you’ll also find that delicate, dainty earrings are also a part of this year’s jewelry trend. If you don’t like too much bling, this trend is for you. It’s a beautiful way to complete any outfit, as well as an excuse to splurge on some high-value pieces. Delicate earrings can be worn in multiple places on your ears to create the perfect look. Helix ear piercing can work well with the delicate trend, but remember to take good care of your ears. 

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Mix and Match

Want to stand out from the crowd? Give mix and match earrings a try. More and more retailers are selling single earrings, which allow you to choose your perfect style, match your mood, or simply embrace your favorite things. Mix and match your earrings like a pro for a look that’s as stylish and unique as you. As a side note, mix and match your earrings is the ideal solution to losing one from a matching set! Keep your singles together to help you create some fun combinations.

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Go it Alone

Who said you need to wear two earrings at a time? Why not go it alone? Single statement earrings are also a growing trend that could help you show off your bold style. From ear cuffs to those that connect to the rest of your jewelry, you could be surprised at how much of an impact dressing one ear can make. Make sure you choose styles that won’t damage your ears – if they feel too heavy, take them off!

With so many fresh trends on their way for fall, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got it covered from head to toe. Check out these style posts for more inspiration!

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