30 Day Self-Care Challenge



30-day self care challenge


Self-care is one thing that we all push aside, don’t you agree? It’s so easy to focus on our daily to-do lists and forget to make time for ourselves. Top that with the added stress of the coronavirus pandemic, and we’re more anxious than ever. I’ve been trying to do one thing for myself every day. And that got me thinking, why not create a self-care challenge. April 1st is tomorrow, so no better time to start! Here are 30 self-care challenge ideas that can be done homebound, one for each day of the month!


30-Day Self Care Challenge


Watch your favorite movie. Mine is Love Actually, and it always cheers me up!

Take a long walk. 

Do a puzzle. I like Soduko.

Make some fruit-infused water. It helps boost your immune system and aids in digestion.

Take a nap.

Try a new recipe. This egg roll in a bowl looks delicious!

Give yourself a manicure/pedicure.

Have an indoor picnic.

Diffuse essential oils.

Have a virtual happy hour with your girlfriends.

Make your favorite comfort food.

Download a fitness app and exercise for 30 minutes. Peloton has a free 90-day trial!

Take a long hot bubble bath.


Make a sugar scrub and exfoliate your body.

Have a one-day social media detox.

Apply self-tanner. Here are some tips!

Give your hair a deep conditioning mask. This is my favorite, or make your own.

Get cozy with a cup of tea and a good book.

Declutter and get rid of 3 things you don’t use.

Make a gratitude list.

Create a playlist of your favorite songs.

Try yoga. Check out Yoga With Adriene and Fitness Blender.

Order dinner from your favorite restaurant.

Download and try a deep breathing app.

Give yourself an at-home facial

Do a spring craft. Try this wreath or these photo coasters.

Clean your makeup brushes.

Color an adult coloring book or page

Treat your feet to a foot cream and fuzzy socks.

Bonus: FaceTime a friend or loved one.

Bonus: Create a vision board.


30-Day Self Care Challenge


Are you up for the 30 day self-care challenge? Let me know if you’ll be doing this challenge with me!


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As always, thank you for reading! Stay healthy and well!


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