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In all of the doom and gloom of this year, it’s important to find some light. And for many people, that’s come in the form of Emily in Paris on Netflix. Light, funny, and très chic, it’s been winning hearts all over the world. Starring Lily Collins as the delightful Emily, it’s the fantasy escape that many of us have been looking for right now. Created by the makers of Sex and the City, it’s no surprise that the show is incredibly stylish. From the locations to the food and, of course, the fashion, it’s easy to feel a little enviable of Parisian style. Tips for recreating an effortless Parisian style.


Get Your Inspiration Online

Parisian fashion is some of the most coveted in the world, so that you won’t be short of inspiration online. Pinterest is an excellent place to start, or you can follow the popular hashtag #ParisianStyle on Instagram. 



As you will soon discover, Parisian fashion is effortless and elegant and easy to embody with the right pieces.



Build a Fabulous Capsule Wardrobe

One of the great things about Parisian style is that it is simple but stylish. It’s the perfect style to help you form a capsule wardrobe, made up of basic items you can mix and match to create your looks. Some classic items to make up a French girl’s wardrobe include little black dresses, silk blouses, and of course, the marinière striped top. Paring down your wardrobe can help you enjoy fashion more sustainably, and it will make it much easier for you to choose outfits every day. 


Effortless, Chic Hairstyles

French hairstyles are beautiful and easy to maintain, and that je ne sais quoi makes them very appealing. You can create a French bob in 3 easy steps that will be glamorous and a fun hairstyle to play around with. With a little added texture and an undone look, you’ll have effortless hair that will look incredibly chic.

If you’re looking for some French hair inspiration, check out Eva Green, Lea Seydoux, and of course, Vanessa Paradis. If you want to add some further edge to your hairstyle, some bangs can be a simple but effective way of transforming your hair. 

Some simple tips for styling your hair at home include:

  • Add some movement by giving your hair a light blow dry, leaving it a little damp to finish drying naturally.
  • Use texture spray to create a more lived-in look.
  • Low maintenance chignons are great for style on the go.
  • Add hair accessories to dress up your look.


Think Classic and Timeless

Trends don’t dictate Parisian fashion – the style is classic and timeless, designed to transcend seasons. If you think of some of the world’s leading French fashion designers like Chanel and Christian Dior, you’ll see that their most coveted items are based on designs that have been around for years, showing that classic looks will always be in fashion. A classic daytime look would include jeans, a simple t-shirt, and blazer, while an evening look calls for a chic little black dress.



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These timeless looks can be worn repeatedly, paired with different accessories to give them a fresh update.


Enhance Your Natural Features

When it comes to French beauty, the simpler, the better. Their style of wearing makeup is minimal – focusing on enhancing natural features instead of more trend-based looks. Some good tips for doing your makeup in a more Parisian style include:

  • Focus on your skincare, helping your natural radiance shine through. Putting extra effort into your daily skincare routine could be just the boost you need to simplify your makeup look.
  • Instead of opting for the full-coverage foundation, try a lighter formula such as a BB cream or a tinted moisturizer instead. A touch of concealer can help you cover imperfections, allowing your natural skin to take center stage.
  • Opt for blushes that are simple, creating a more natural-looking flush. Cream or liquid formulas are ideal for creating a sheer pop of color.
  • Keep your eyebrows groomed but don’t focus on making them too sculpted. Brows are a lot fuller and natural-looking to help define your features.
  • While some lip balm is ideal for completing your daytime look, Parisians do like a pop of color when it comes to their lips. What better color to go for than red, the perfect pairing for your simple, glowing complexion.
  • Use subtle touches of highlighter to add some extra luminance to your features, such as your cheekbones. A good highlighter will be a key part of your makeup collection, 


Choose Quality Over Quantity

Instead of buying into trends season after season, invest in quality makeup, skincare, and clothes that will last. There are some simple ways to buy high-quality clothing that don’t necessarily involve spending a fortune. Consider the composition of your clothing and shop for natural fabrics that are more likely to last. These include cotton, wool, silk, cashmere, and of course, leather.

By avoiding synthetic fabrics and choosing natural ones, you’ll stand a better chance of your clothes lasting longer. Some natural fabrics like wool and silk are more delicate, so be prepared to give them extra care when it comes to laundry. 


Add Some Elegant Accessories

Accessories are where you can have a bit more fun with your style, showing off your individual personality. Some classic Parisian accessories include:

  • Silk scarves
  • Statement sunglasses
  • A black handbag
  • A hat (a beret is a great choice)


You should also think about your footwear – some classic black flats are a fantastic choice for every day, especially if you’re going to be running around the streets of Paris! Some classic sneakers are also a wise choice, helping to keep your look comfortable but still fashionable. 


Like the other elements of Parisian style, jewelry is also kept simple. Some classic earrings such as pearls or gold drop earrings are perfect for complementing most of your looks. Delicate necklaces and simple bracelets can also add some elegance to your look, without making it garish. Stick to just a couple of accessories instead of wearing multiple statement pieces.


Invest in Versatile Outerwear

Outerwear is an essential part of your wardrobe, especially during the winter months, when it’s a little chillier. Parisian outerwear staples include blazers, trench coats, and oversized, masculine coats.  A good coat can make an outfit of its own, ideal for days of walking around the city or for your morning commute.



Check out some more useful tips on dressing for winter to help keep your look stylish and effortless.


Add Some Color 

While Parisian style tends to stick to muted colors and monochrome, that doesn’t mean you can’t add a splash of color now and then. Emily in Paris borrows a lot of classic French style staples and updates them with her own chosen colors and pieces to make them look fresh and modern. 



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Parisian style will never get old, with plenty of elegant, beautiful details that you can recreate easily. With a focus on a more minimal look, getting ready is about to become a piece of cake. Now… Allons-y à Paris!


As always, thank you for reading! Stay healthy and safe!

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