Simple Ways To Help Us Feel Good About Ourselves

Do you find this time of year particularly underwhelming? If so, you are not alone. The post-holiday slump and the seemingly endless blankets of miserable weather can threaten to undermine our happiness. As a result, a lot of people decide to get on the exercise bandwagon, thinking that exercising a bit more will prove to be the shot in the arm they need. But, it’s not just about getting to the gym or losing that little bit of extra weight. If we want to feel good about ourselves, we need to dig a little deeper…


Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

In the day of Instagram filters showing edited highlights of everyone’s lives, we can’t help but feel this is what normality is like for everyone else. As such, we can perceive our lives to not be as exciting, or just worse than others. It’s a slippery slope, comparing yourself to others, and when you get into the habit of checking social media on a regular basis, you are reinforcing the idea that everyone else out there is better than you. What happens as a result of this? Your happiness goes down. So, instead of comparing yourself to others, look at yourself as an entity, and think about what will make you happy, rather than assuming that the grass is always greener on the other side because it very rarely is.


Highlighting Your Attributes

Look in the mirror, and see what it is that you like about yourself. Now, work at accentuating these components. It doesn’t have to be a superficial thing, but if you’re looking for a quick way to feel good about yourself, making yourself look good is always a nice shortcut. It doesn’t have to be about the expensive creams, but sometimes it’s just about the right tactics to highlight your attributes. Contour makeup is the latest trend in beauty you can take advantage of because the fundamentals are pretty simple. You are highlighting the best bits about you, by making your cheekbones look higher, or your neck longer, and so on. Before we get to this point, we’ve got to get out of that negative thought pattern and think that we are not attractive. So look in the mirror, and don’t turn away until you see something you like.


Trust Your Instincts

As it’s a constant self-perpetuating cycle of anxiety we can suffer from when looking at social media, and continually asking for validation, we lose the ability to trust our instincts. It’s one of the great skills in life that we can erode. The fact is, trusting our instincts is something that gives us confidence in our abilities. Sometimes our instinct can be wrong, but it’s not always. Learning to trust our instincts all over again means going into a place of discomfort, and not going by what other people say. It’s all too easy for us to follow the herd and this is why we have to get back in touch with our instincts. We can forever think outside of our heads, and after a while, this constant need for validation, either through social media or not knowing what to wear can a mean that, after a while, we’re almost incapable of making a decision by ourselves. While these days, decision fatigue is all too common, if we’re put into situations where we don’t feel comfortable, or something is telling us that this isn’t right, the chances are we’re correct.


Make Health A Priority

And the most simple part of the equation when it comes to feeling happy about ourselves is what we eat. Yes, we are what we eat. And no matter how much we try to tell ourselves that we are exercising more so we can eat whatever we want, if we’re still relying on fast food and ready meals to get us through our day, after a while, we’ll get into some form of mental slump that it will be difficult to get out off. While that chocolate treat is amazing, and it makes us feel happy right there and then, we know we’ll feel terrible about it the next day, either because it’s helping us pile on the pounds again or we are consuming too much sugar for our body to cope with. We all know that sugar is bad, but it’s not just because it rots our teeth, it rots our brain, our immune system, and anything else you would care to mention! And it’s not just sugar that’s the culprit, we can have intolerances or allergies to foods that come out once we’ve got rid of them from our diet, they can feel like a cloud has been lifted. All of a sudden, we sleep less, have more energy, and we are, like magic, happy! And this is a very underestimated part of the whole thing because when we are unhappy, but the doctor’s not able to pinpoint the reason, it could very well be to do with something in our diet. Supplements can also help improve your energy. You can save money on your vitamins with this Total Restore Coupon.



Happiness is a very subjective term because it can be about the big things or the little things. We need to know what makes us happy, and then we can feel better about ourselves. But it’s not that clear-cut. Some people can spend decades trying to find out if there’s something not quite right with them when they should have just been focusing on the little things all this time. As someone once said, life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans. And if, in the modern age, where we are completely obsessed with everyone else’s social media postings, and we need some form of validation from everyone else, we’ve got to reassess our priorities. Feeling good about ourselves doesn’t necessarily need to be a complex equation, but if we can tackle the simple things first, and realize that it’s these aspects that do make us feel good about ourselves, we don’t have to go on an emotional journey discovering our true purpose in life. It can be the simple things that we overlook.

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