DIY Spring Wreath

I love wreaths...I hang them for all occasions. I rarely find one I like in the store and they can be really expensive so sometimes it's easier to make it yourself.  This one only took me about 20 minutes to make.  

Straw wreath form.  Hobby Lobby was out of the foam wreath forms so I used straw.
Burlap ribbon
Floral wire
Wooden initial
Green craft paint

The first thing I did was paint the initial so it would have time to dry.  Since it would be hanging from the wreath, I painted both sides.

I used this cute green chevron burlap ribbon and wrapped it around the wreath form.  I stapled the the ribbon to the back every few wraps so that it won't unravel.

I used a polka dot burlap ribbon to make a bow for the top of the wreath.  I'm really bad at making bows but this one turned out okay.

Using floral wire, I attached the initial with some twine and then attached the bow.

I love how this wreath turned out!  Happy Spring!

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