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Hey, y’all! I’m Jennie from A Pocketful of Polka Dots and I am thrilled to help Jill out by guest posting while she is away on vacation. Over on my blog I primarily showcase my frugal fashionista style, but since Jill features lifestyle posts on Tuesdays, I will be sharing my crafty side with you today. Let’s go take a look at how I prettified my office space…

Since my work space is out front I do not have the freedom to decorate like I would in an office. So this meant getting creative and decorating the space I can. The very first thing I did was create these fabric covered panels to really punch up the pretty factor. I basically cut foam board to size and hot glued the fabric to the board, and then slid them in place. If you go on Pinterest and look up cute offices/cubicles they are always talking about gluing on wallpaper or fabric. Not sure about your workplace, but I know that would not go over in my office. Anyway, this is the perfect solution because these panels can easily be removed without causing damage, and I love the fact I can also change out the fabric easily if I ever grow tired of this one.

I also made a little desk pad for my keyboard and a matching mouse pad. I purchased a couple of super cheap rubber place mats (you know the ones that usually have the tacky scenes on them…), cut them to size and again covered with fabric. Voila – more prettiness! I also added the same fabric to my pop-up Post it dispenser to keep everything matchy-matchy.

Another thing you can see in this photo is that I trimmed out my keyboard and monitors with gold foil polka dot washi tape. Everything looks better with a sprinkle of polka dots!

While we are talking washi tape – I also trimmed out my desk in a white tape with a gold geometric design for more visual impact. I think it added a nice element.

I’ve stored my pens, scissors, paper clips, etc. in these glass Dollar Tree containers for ages. I think they look so much nicer than the traditional office supply containers. To keep my pens, etc. standing upright I simply filled them with colored glass beads that I also picked up at Dollar Tree. In the past I placed these on a mirror for extra sparkle, but the mirror I used was just too large for this space. Instead I picked up an inexpensive wooden tray ($2.50) from Michael’s and lined it with fabric then added the same washi tape as what is trimming the desk. I also added washi tape to my glass containers to change them up.

This little plaque has been on my desk for Years. – I am a complete shoe addict. This is the third office it’s been in with me. (Please ignore those wires, I have hidden them away since these photos were taken.)

So there you have it – my little home away from home. Seriously, as much time as I spend here, I want it to be a place that makes me happy. I am not quite done, as I want to add a mini gallery to one of the blank wall spaces, as well as photos of all my guys on my desk. All in all this project only cost me around $30, and the joy it brings me is Priceless. I hope this will offer you some inspiration on how to prettify your own office space and make it your own.

Thanks for reading and I hope you will swing by A Pocketful of Polka Dots sometime and check it out!

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