In Praise Of Unconventional Beauty

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Most of us have a pretty good idea of what constitutes conventional beauty. You know, it means that you fit the cultural norm of what mainstream society considers to be attractive. In my opinion, run-of-the-mill beauty can be a little dull. You start yearning for something different and out of the ordinary. You want to feel as though there’s more to life than the manicured images we see plastered all over the internet and fashion magazines. Unconventional beauty has an entirely different aesthetic, and it feels more experimental. When you explore it, it’s like you’re breaking new ground and doing something new. It’s anything but dull. 


Unconventional Beauty Emphasizes Your Identity

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Perhaps the most obvious advantage of adopting an unconventional style is the fact that it reflects your identity. You’re not conforming to somebody else’s idea of beauty. Instead, you’re free to make your own choices based on your internal perceptions, aspirations, and values. It’s not so much about abandoning the established standards of beauty. Instead, it’s more to do with pushing the envelope and seeing what works for you. 


Unconventional Beauty Means Being More Experimental

The advantage of adopting an unconventional style is that it’s experimental. Nobody ever broke new ground by doing the same things every day, over and over. Instead, things only changed when people did something fundamentally different. Historically, the most compelling examples of this come from the world of technology. Somebody figured out a faster and cheaper way of doing something, and it changed the world. 

But the same is true in fashion. Skinny jeans spread into the world of fashion a decade ago, and we’ve been wearing them ever since. In the past, you had to match your jewelry to what you wore carefully. But today, you’re much freer to experiment with non-classical combinations like bohemian necklaces


Unconventional Beauty is More Interesting

When you’re creative in your makeup, jewelry, and clothing choices, you’re expressing yourself and it gives you confidence.  Body positivity is always important, but there is a space for style positivity too. That is, celebrating people who express their natural beauty in different ways. What people wear is a reflection of their inner beauty and says something about who they are.


As always, thank you for reading! Stay healthy and safe!

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