Why Choose Natural Ingredients for Your Next Line of Beauty Products?



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In recent years, increasing public concern about environmentally conscious consumerism has rapidly shifted the buying habits and preferences of consumers everywhere. Shoppers today tend to be significantly more proactive about researching what materials go into the products they buy, how those products are manufactured, and the impact those products have on the environment. Many are also keen to support brands that utilize natural ingredients and employ sustainable business practices. Though this trend toward more eco-conscious buying is especially evident among consumers of the millennial generation and subsequent younger generations, current research shows that it can be observed across all age groups.


The beauty industry is one sector that’s currently facing major upticks in demand for natural and sustainably made products from its consumers. Popular beauty and personal care brands have historically incorporated synthetic chemical compounds into their products as pigments, fragrances, preservatives, moisturizers, and more. However, buyers have become more steadfast in choosing to prioritize beauty products made with more natural ingredients, and many are willing to patronize these products even if it costs them more.



Consider Going Natural

If your brand deals in beauty and personal care products, here are some of the major reasons to consider going natural for your next offerings:


They’re Gentler on the Body

Natural products are less foreign to the body than synthetic chemicals, so they’re usually less likely to cause redness, peeling, itching, or pain when used on the skin. Many natural ingredients will also produce less of a drying effect compared to synthetic ingredients used for the same purposes. 


The properties listed above make beauty products made with natural ingredients ideal for consumers with sensitive skin, skin allergies, and other similar conditions. Actively designing and marketing your products to people in need of gentler cosmetics options will surely endear you to consumers and encourage them to support your brand. If they have good experiences with your products, your customers with sensitive skin may even promote your brand to friends and relatives with similar issues.


They’re Less Harmful to the Environment

Products made with synthetic chemicals tend to leach toxic pollutants into the surrounding environment. For instance, octinoxate, oxybenzone, and other harmful ingredients in sunscreen are major causes of coral bleaching in up to 10% of coral reefs around the world. And when you wash off a face of primarily synthetic makeup at the end of the day, you’re likely sending all sorts of potentially dangerous chemicals down the drain and into the sewers. These substances will eventually go on to contaminate lakes, rivers, and even the ocean, thus harming local wildlife and disrupting ecosystems. 


Chemical waste has historically been harmful to the environment because it spreads through soil and water quickly, does severe and often irreparable damage, and takes a long time to decompose. The same contaminants present in the soil and water around you today may still persist and cause harm multiple years from now. In contrast, because natural ingredients already occur organically in the environment, the waste they produce is generally safe and non-toxic. 


They Help Encourage Sustainable Business 

Switching to natural ingredients for your brand’s beauty products can easily form part of an overall commitment to sustainable business practices. Other things you can do to promote environmental consciousness at your company include working with equally eco-conscious suppliers and partners, using environmentally friendly packaging, and exploring more sustainable manufacturing and shipping options. 


Striving for sustainability in every aspect of your business operations is vital for maintaining your customers’ goodwill. Many eco-conscious consumers are hypercritical of brands that are found guilty of “greenwashing,” or falsely claiming that their products and services are safe, sustainable, and eco-friendly. These consumers don’t hesitate to voice their criticisms of such companies publicly and may actively discourage those in their network from supporting them. Bear in mind that your customers can easily look your brand up on the internet and find out whether or not your company’s actions align with its stated values.


They’re Better for Transparency

Many consumers are likely to prefer natural products over synthetic ones simply because they’re easier for the average layperson without a science background to understand. For instance, you don’t need to be a botanist to recognize sunflower oil or coconut oil on a product’s list of ingredients. And if you have prior experience with the listed ingredients, it will be easy enough for you to tell how your skin will react to them and whether you’re comfortable using them. 


In contrast, many synthetic ingredients such as parabens, polymers, and elastomers will likely be foreign to all but the most science-minded beauty enthusiasts. Your customers will need much more background information and specialized knowledge to understand these components and the function they’re meant to serve in a particular product. If they can’t find that information, or if the information itself is too complicated to make sense of, it’s unlikely that they’ll trust the product enough to use it.


At the end of the day, incorporating natural ingredients into your beauty products can significantly benefit both the earth and your business’ bottom line. Exploring natural ingredients and adopting other sustainable business practices will surely earn you the loyalty of eco-conscious customers for years to come.


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