3 Alternatives for Decorative Pins


alternatives for decorative pins

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3 Alternatives for Decorative Pins

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Decorative pins have been a fashion statement for decades, representing different affiliations of an individual, such as sexuality, musical preferences, aesthetics, or just a way for someone to express their admiration for a certain pop culture element. 


It goes without saying these kinds of decorations are a must in every teenager’s style and can tell a lot about someone without them speaking a word. However, decorative pins may not fit everyone’s style since they’re usually associated with the more pop or punk-rock aesthetic. 


But it’s not time to get upset because dozens of alternatives out there prove to be just as bold and functional as the well-known decorative pins, such as embroidered patches, adhesive rhinestones, and the good ol’ buttons. 


1 – Adhesive Rhinestones


The 2000s are calling, and it’s time to reminisce. When we think about our youth, we cannot forget the craze around anything that blinged. Now that the Y2K fashion trend has resurfaced and taken over the internet, it’s the perfect time to bring back the joy of bedazzling every piece of clothing we can get our hands on.


This alternative for decorative pins is the perfect opportunity to make use of old clothes we have lying around and make the most intricate designs using shiny beads, fake crystals, and pearls. You can buy rhinestones that already have glue on the back from any local craft store, but for results that last longer, you may want to reinforce the adhesive with some fabric glue to ensure the stones don’t fall off.


Suppose at some point you decide you are no longer satisfied with the design you chose. You can remove the rhinestones with acetone and laundry detergent.


2 – Embroidered Patches


It can easily be called the close relative of decorative pins but only a bit more…expressive. Surprisingly, patches have been around ever since the third century BC and symbolize poverty. Throughout history, their purpose has been to make a piece of clothing wearable for a couple of years. 


In the 1960s, however, patches were given a new purpose. Bringing meaning to the punk aesthetic that focuses on authenticity and defying social norms. So if you are fond of the punk aesthetic and decide to decorate your clothing items with pins, you may want to be a punk to the core and switch it up with patches.


Opting for embroidered patches can give new life to an old garment. But it’s also an excellent opportunity to express yourself by designing your own patches. As mentioned above, these alternatives can easily be removed without damaging the fabric of the clothing item if done properly


3 – Buttons 


Button collectors, line up! Even if that’s not the case, you may want to consider the idea of spicing up a denim jacket or a basic dress shirt by removing their old buttons and replacing them with new fun ones. This alternative for decorative pins is easier to replace and fun to explore. 


A great idea is to meet up with your group of friends, switch buttons from each other’s jackets, and sew them on your own so that you can have a symbol of your friendship displayed subtly and stylishly.


Thank you for reading!


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