Kitchen Appliance & Design Trends for 2024

Kitchens are one of the most renovated rooms in the home but are also the most costly to upgrade. Keeping up with the latest kitchen design and appliance trends can quickly become overwhelming. However, making educated investments will allow you to enjoy the elevated efficiency of clever innovation and leave you with a warm and inviting space you will love for years.

From bottom-mount fridges stylishly hidden away in open-plan designs to sustainable appliances and stunning pops of colors, 2024 is set to introduce trends bigger and better than ever before. 

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Multifunction Appliances

There is no better way to save on space, improve efficiency, and reduce clutter in the kitchen than investing in multifunctional appliances. And these clever inventions are set to be the wave of the future. Multifunction appliances are an investment and can become quite costly. To avoid spending money on features you may never use, assessing your current cooking needs and purchasing options that cater to them is vital.

Large appliances that can perform multiple functions combined with specialty kitchen appliance capabilities will be a massive plus in the kitchen, as it eliminates the need for smaller, specialized appliances, freeing up counter space and simplifying your cooking process. 


There is no bigger trend across industries than sustainability, with 2024 bringing the strongest push to green living. In kitchen trends, green living and eco-friendly design selections are going to be a hot topic, with recycled materials and low-consumption appliances leading the way. 

Washing machines and dishwashers that drastically reduce water consumption are already a popular choice for European consumers, with American customers soon to follow suit. Furthermore, companies are beginning to introduce recycled plastic to their builds, further improving their role in global sustainability. 

Open Kitchen Layouts

Open kitchen concepts are a trend that has been around for a while. But in 2024, they will continue to be a dominant design choice, as spacious, airy kitchens that seamlessly flow into the surrounding spaces give you more room to work without stifling creativity. 

Built-in appliances are a natural selection for open layouts, as they effortlessly integrate with your existing cabinets, maintaining sleek and clean lines, unobstructed paths and preventing unwanted clutter. 


With kitchens becoming more of an on-display social space in the home, many interior designers are turning to sculleries as the ideal solution to keep appliances and gadgets out of the way. 

Sculleries or scullery kitchens are smaller, secondary kitchen spaces that can be used as an overflow space from the main room, often providing organized storage solutions for appliances and extra kitchen products and groceries you may struggle to find a proper home for. This clever addition allows for maximum efficiency.

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Double Ovens

Double ovens are not just ideal for larger families. If you want to have more freedom of creation in your kitchen, prefer big-batch cooking, or hope to entertain your friends and family more frequently, double ovens will provide the necessary additional space and function you need. 

Whether you choose to go for a double oven range or a double wall oven, these duplicated appliances offer additional capability and separate heating zones to allow for simple and stress-free cooking. Alternatively, you can opt for a combination wall oven, which features a single oven with a convection microwave on top, freeing up space on the counter while still offering the second oven capability when needed. 

Pops of Color

This may not be a popular trend for all designers, but the bright and refreshing popularity of colorful appliances continues to grow, and 2024 will see this trend soar to new heights. While the older regenerations may still prefer the sleek and clean look of appliances hidden behind panels, younger consumers are embracing the pops of color. 

It is essential to remember, however, that investing in a colorful appliance often means they are going to take center stage in your design, as the tones will be difficult to ignore. Furthermore, if you easily grow bored with color, you may find it more cost-effective to stick with neutral shades as you could fall out of love with the appliances relatively quickly. 

Bigger Kitchen Sink

A rising trend in smart homes is larger-than-normal kitchen sinks, which create an eye-catching center feature of the room. With smart faucets now ranging in style and constantly expanding capabilities, many more homeowners are choosing to fully embrace the designs and functionality when building their dream kitchen. 

As the undeniable workhorse of the kitchen, having a decent-sized sink and innovative faucet is a game-changer in keeping your home clean. To avoid any potential leaks, hazards, or complications, it is best to get an accredited company to complete the installation, as your larger choice may require more than one faucet or additional weight-bearing brackets to remain in place safely.

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Metallic Finishes

Many trend forecasters believe 2024 will finally see the expansion of limited ranges of stainless steel home appliances. With beautiful metallic finishes continuing to be a rising trend in home interiors, the mixed metal trend will ultimately make its way to kitchen appliances. 

Matte black and bronzed gold are among the finishes that are becoming increasingly more popular. Not only are both colors very aesthetically pleasing to look at, but they also wonderfully complement a wide range of style choices and design features.

Which kitchen design trend would you try?

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